Thursday, April 24, 2014

.so i have two babies in there!

hi, friends. it's been a while. over 3 months actually. i guess you could say i needed a little rest. but as i'm sure you've put the title and above picture together [i'm not really that subtle!] you could probably understand why! 

we most certainly [i've had to confirm it a dozen times myself!!] are adding another couple of babies to our family! twins!!

and just like that, three to five. gosh, are we excited! 

besides being already utterly and completely smitten over these two littles brewing in my belly, we are all doing wonderful. i feel rested. my body feels good. and i feel ready for this next crazy time in our lives. i just get so teary when i think about it. peter is handling it like the amazing dad he is. i get massages every night [don't hate!] and he's sort of become my errand boy; doing the laundry, taking the busy toddler out of the house and just giving me some time to relax. 

i'm 14 weeks along, and this pregnancy has been the same but also very different from my last. i haven't gotten any nausea, which i'm thankful for the similarities in that, but the exhaustion....oh my goodness, the exhaustion! those first 3 months i swear i had turned into a zombie. working full time, running after a toddler and growing two babies is serious business. but we are surviving and i am feeling more alive and more real because of it all. 

so i hope you are still here after this little break, sharing in our experiences because things just got a whole lot crazier. there's going to be some lows, for sure...but the highs! oh, the sweet high's of a house full of babies. now that is going to be a lot of fun.
and exhausting ;)

ps. i'm coming at you from sunny phoenix, enjoying a little vacay time with my hubby and bugg. be prepared for more than a few pictures and posts, xo.
pps. that amazing custom water-colour comes from the very talented, kate klassen from uh oh my deer. my gosh, it's quickly become my happy place every time i look at it and i am utterly in love. it couldn't be any more perfect to announce our big news.