Saturday, April 27, 2013

.turntable: whitehorse.

daddy got home yesterday and we are soooo very happy. it's been wonderful to hug and kiss and play and just be a family.

also, we cannot stop listening to this album by a band is called whitehorse. it is ridiculously good and i seriously think i have a little crush on both the lead singers, boy and girl. [and fun fact: they're married! yay]

here's currently my two favourite's [i can't decided which one i like best] on an album of favourtites. it's seriously so good.
whitehorse: 'no glamour in the hammer'
whitehorse: 'devil's got a gun'
so good, right?!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

.giggles and a pterodactyl squeal.

phew! papa has been gone one full week already and i've been so busy with the wee little lad that i haven't even checked in at all. babcia is going to kill me [ha! she's been in poland for the last 2 1/2 weeks and made me promise to add pictures of jack daily. oops! sorry babcia!]

so that being said, we are doing pretty darn good over here....besides missing daddy like crazy, of course. just me and the little man holding down the fort. jack been a busy little guy too. he's rolling over like a champ and is almost mastering the art of sitting on his own. a little wobbly still, but definitely getting there. and clapping? yes, siree! the little guy is now clapping when asked! we can't wait to show daddy our hard work. super proud mama over here!

so that's the little man's update. for both daddy [of course, he's been updated hourly!] and for our travelling babcia. and this wouldn't be a fancy napkin post without a video and some photo's ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013


this afternoon i had planned to blog about an outfit, but in light of recent tragedies [the boston marathon bombings to be exact] an outfit post just seems so ridiculously trivial. 

after peeling my eyes away from the tv for a couple minutes, i decided to share a bath with my son. as we soaked and played, my little boy looked up at me with concern. apparently i was crying. the tears just came, fast and heavy. and i couldn't stop them. 
i simply couldn't fathom losing my sweet little boy so innocent in my arms at that very moment, naked and oblivious to it all, to something as ugly and awful as what happened today. those innocent people. those innocent children. for no reason at all. 
it sickens me.

i also should mention that i had some very close friends running the marathon today and luckily, they turned out to be safe. at the start of the day, so happy and proud to be a part of something as magical as this iconic race and then so stunned and terrified not long after finishing. they were only 2 blocks away from the blast site and i just know how life changing this experience will be for them. i thank god that they weren't hurt.

some days i am both disgusted and proud of the world we live in. disgusted in the people out there who do such heinous crimes such as this and then proud for the strength of those who help. one of the most distinctive things i noticed in all of the tv footage today, was the amount of men and women who jumped right into the danger zone to help those in need. i thank them for reminding us all, in this time of sorrow, that good people still exist.

i know i'll be kissing and hugging my family a little tighter tonight. and praying for those hurt in boston.

.turntable: jake bugg.

it's been quite some time since i've posted a new song that has this house moving and grooving, so i figured it was time to get my act together. and what better a way to jump back in than with the young man that i nicknamed my son after, slightly.
jake bugg.
i saw him in concert 10 days after jack was born and when i got home that night my own jack bugg was born [rhetorically speaking].
also, he has just the coolest sound and he's only 19 years old.
::two fingers, jake bugg.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

.jack's threads: jj.

this little man. he's such a happy little guy. i laugh when people first meet him and think he's all serious business. see, when he meets someone new, he analyzes. he's just taking you in. deciding what he thinks of you. and more often than not, he really likes you. he'll throw that wide toothless cheeky grin your way and it melts your heart. melts it like butter.

but how could it not? those impossibly chubby cheeks just swallow up his little neck and simply by receiving one of those grins, is one hell of a great way to make your day. that toothless smile.

jack, my son. you are one awesome dude.
jack's threads:

jj onesie || american apparel
brown old man sweater || american apparel
leggings || h&m
boots || joe fresh [similar]

Thursday, April 4, 2013

.diy: rustic felt ball mobile.

after searching [and searching and searching] for an affordable 'modern-rustic' themed mobile for jack's nursery [yes, modern-rustic! i wanted a wood rustic feel, with a modern twist to it], i decided that it couldn't be that hard to make one. so, while I absolutely love the look of the feather/arrow mobiles floating around pinterest [favorites seen here and here], i wasn't crazy about the price tag's going along with them. i was also searching for something with a little wood on it to pull some darkness to the area above the change pad and match a few darker pieces i had in jack's room. and this is what i came up with.

a fun, super easy project that adds just the right amount of modern-rustic to the little man's nursery. 

and bonus: he adores it!

here's how i did it:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

.easter weekend.

jack's first easter was filled to the brim with family and fun. being the first grandchild on both sides, the wee man was spoiled beyond belief [lets just say that easter bunny certainly knows a good little boy when he sees one!]. and although it was a few late nights, one after the other, the little guy handled them like a champ. 

i definitely would have liked to decorate a bit [actually anything would have been great], but this holiday really seemed to sneak up on me. being at the end of march just seemed way too early for some reason, but it was a lovely weekend none-the-less. i am however, counting the days till next year when he'll be big enough to dye and hunt those colourful eggs and maybe participate in a few easter crafting activities with mama. i mean how cute are these easter balloons? or this easter bingo??

a few snaps from our weekend.

day one.
^a gift from the easter grammy ;)
^grammy and 'her boy'.

day two.
^our little ham and his many faces! and one not-too-shabby-looking daddy either!

day three.
and a proud momma moment - jack is officially rolling over on his own! and what a day to choose - easter sunday! yeah, bugg!!

hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend too!