Wednesday, July 31, 2013

.currently loving: clothing.

and in follow up from yesterday's post, regarding my current lusts in beauty, shoes and accessories, here is my current lust list in clothing. it's the middle of summer and while i am still rocking the summer dresses and short shorts, my mind is slowly wandering to cooler days and autumn colours. i guess when it's your favourite time of the year, it can't be helped. this 'currently loving' board is a combined mix of summer and fall craves.

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1] rag & bone boyfriend jeans [boyfriend jeans are here to stay. mixed them up with rolled cuffs and heels or ankle booties and you're all set to go! i am preferring a lighter denim wash as of late and these ripped jeans are on the top of my list.]
2] playsuit [i have been searching high and low for a cute romper and think i may have just found the perfect one. the long sleeves are great for transitioning from summer into fall too!]
3] vera moda rose sweatshirt [i think this is the most perfect sweat top i've ever seen. florals are still a fav and this soft rose colour is beautiful. simply perfect!]
4] j.crew darling sweater [you actually may have seen me lusting over this sweater in the past, but with it's hefty price tag i was patiently waiting for it to go on sale and guess's now on sale! whoo hoo. friends, please say hi to the newest addition in my closet]
5] free people twill jacket [cargo jacket and black sleeves. perfection!]
6] tinley road vegan leather shorts [i am on and off with the whole leather look. i usually find it made for the smaller sized ladies, and with my curves, i find myself often shying away from the trend. these shorts however, have me reconsidering! and we all know how i love to dress up a pair of shorts!]

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

.currently loving: beauty + accessories.

1] melanie auld pave triangle necklace [my girl, mel has done it again! this pave triangle necklace is just perfection and a perfect layering piece. hell, it's a perfect stand alone piece too! so need this!]
2] bobbi brown navy & nude eye palette [my #1 newest eye palette must have! i need this palette in my collection, pronto! i feel a navy eyes makeup tutorial happening soon!]
3] clare vivier clutch [the ultimate fold over clutch! i have been drooling over this clutch since spotting [pun intended!] it at the beginning of the season and have finally deemed it a necessity for my closet. perhaps a little 'going back to work present' for myself?]
4] jcrew piled stones bracelet [jcrew has impeccable taste in jewellery and i have never been upset in a bracelet purchase from there. this has the most perfect muted coloured stones and i love that is could possibly go with everything.]
5] diptyque candle in gardenia [a candle in the scent of my favourite flower? umm, yes please! and these candles are rumoured to be 'the' candle to's supposed to envelope your entire room's smell and last. although with that price tag, i kinda hope so!]
6] melanie auld mini teardrop necklace [probably my fav out of mel's newest launch and it's a complete winner. this will be in my closet, mark-my-words.]
7] bumble & bumble surf spray [want those long, loose, slightly tousles beach waves, well apparently this is the stuff that'll do it. a must have for summer!]
8] stella & dot madison tech bag in poppy [also want in it black, which is available in august. perhaps an early birthday present to myself?!? yeah, i think so]
9] aldo lace up heels [i can't decide if i enjoy the black or the leopard more and i am seriously considering just buying them both! they're just so so so good!!]

so, i'm curious. what are your current obsessions?
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Monday, July 29, 2013

.an age of wonder.

i sometimes just find myself staring at my sweet little boy while he plays. the wonder in his eyes. the shape of his lips when he is concentrating. the way his little pincher fingers are working so hard to get that little grip on his desired object. his look of excitement when something new catches his eye. the look of awe when he figures something out. and then the look of pride when he knows he got it. 
this age is just amazing.

i guess i just really like this 9 month old child. i simply can't get enough ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

.my new stella & dot website, plus fall 2013.

stell & dot, fall 2013
so the other day an acquaintance asked me if i sold stella & dot as she wasn't quite sure, which in turn made me realize that 'damn! perhaps i am not speaking about it enough' [and hopefully you are not rolling your eyes at me right now, thinking that i speak about it too much! an addiction is an addiction! it can't be helped!] 

so that is how i rolled up my sleeves and finally got around to making my stella & dot website! you can click on the link below, or at anytime under my banner titled 'stella & dot' above!

so without further ado, please go over and take a peek. let me know what you think. the new fall line was just released and holy dyna, there are some pieces on there that have me drooling! you'll be seeing a bunch of it pop up here and there in style posts, but until then, here are a few ultimate fav's!
**Also - BONUS: Anyone who makes an online order from now until August 1st, will be entered into a $100 draw for a new Stella Necklace featured on this page ;) [can you guess which one???]**

Friday, July 26, 2013

.need, want, eat, make: all about lips.

need || dior creme de rose plumping soothing lip balm [this lip balm is my absolute favourite and since i'm as addicted as can be, it's almost time for a new jar. this never happens [making it through an entire lip product!], so you know it must be awesome!]
want || cle de peau extra silky lipstick in 101 [the ultimate beauty indulgence that i have been lusting over forever. one day you will be mine....]
eat || cherry limeade slushie [i wouldn't mind staining my lips a cherry coloured hue if it was because i was sipping one of these!]
make || homemade vanilla peppermint lip balm [these sound [and look!] so fabulous, i am just dying to make these my first beauty diy]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

.threads: an anniversary outfit in yellow.

last night the hubby and i celebrated our 3 year anniversary. it was a quiet, intimate night [the joys of a wednesday] and we kept things pretty low-key this year with just dinner for two at a new restaurant we'd been dying to try. peter also brought home some champagne, flowers, and dessert [a fav - macaroons!] for afterwards, which was a lovely surprise. that man - let me tell you - he can get pretty darn romantic when he wants too....
so jack went to the babysitter and we got all done up for our night out. it was lovely and just what us two love-birds needed.

as for attire, i decided that a bright sunny yellow top was a nice change to the classic black that i normally throw on for a date night and glammed it up with a soft creamy-gold skirt. i also grabbed my newest stella & dot sparklers [this necklace can be styled 5 different ways! damn, it's really awesome!] and found it the perfect addition to my outfit. because as we all know, in my opinion, nothing says romantic and sexy like some beautiful sparkly jewels!!

blouse || joe fresh [similar here & here & here]
skirt || h&m, gifted [similar here & here]
necklace || stella & dot [an absolute new favourite!!]
bracelets || thick purple - club monaco [similar] || thin leopard - jcrew [similiar]
clutch | club monaco, old [similar here]
wedges || nine west

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

.3 Years ago today.

3 years ago today, i walked down an aisle to meet your dad. it wasn't just your average day or an average aisle, it was our wedding and i wanted the world to know just how very much i loved that man. i wanted it official. i wanted to be called his wife. and i wanted to let him know that i was planning on saying 'good morning handsome' for the next, like 60+ years or so.

and i think it's all worked out pretty darn well, thus far. we now have you baby bugg, and i couldn't imagine a life without this guy being with us every single day. i couldn't imagine having anyone else being called your daddy or watching anyone else become such an amazing father. and frankly, a darn wonderful husband too.

when i look back at pictures from our wedding, i am reminded of the excitement and serious love we had [and have!] for each other. how nothing else in the world mattered. how we dreamt of the future and how we couldn't wait to see what our marriage and our new life together would bring us. we never dared imagine how perfect you would be, or the joy you would bring to our little family. i never imagined how happy your father would make me or how complete we are, even now.

marrying your father was the best decision i ever made, and we are so very lucky. i thought i loved him then, but it's nothing to how i care for this man now. he [and you] are my everything and today is our anniversary, 3 beautiful years later.

love you baby bugg. love you baby daddy. happy anniversary to us.

*sidenote: i just worked out that peter and i have been married for 3 years, but have actually been together for 10 years! that's a real long time, yo! yay us!

*pictures via andrea, pinksugarphotography

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

.threads: dressy black shorts.

one of my favourite looks for a date night in the summer [or any dressier outings, i suppose], are styling a cute pair of dressy shorts. the combo of shorts with heels and a sheer shirt makes my heart swoon. you get to still show some sexiness with your [pretend you see a visible golden hue here!!] tanned legs looking awesome in those heels and you give a little mystery with a sheer shirt. your date will be thinking, "hmmm....i can almost see what's under there, but i can't wait for a close-up!!". also, the shorts are beyond comfy! win! win! and win!
shorts || gap [similar here & here & here]
sheer tank || club monaco, old [similar here & here]
heels || nine west
necklace || jewelmint
clutch || club monaco, old [similar here & here]

**photos shot by my sexy husband and make up done by the amazing ally stone of 'illuminate your beauty'.

*contains some affiliate links but all opinions, as usual, are my own :)

.back up and running....or slowly walking, i suppose.

sorry it's been such a slow july around these fancy napkin parts. i guess it hasn't been entirely my fault, as we've been having all sorts of internet problems over the last few weeks, but the other couple weeks i would probably have to own up too and just blame summer. you know, lack of motivation and just spending 100% of my time outside in the fresh sunshine [i mean, we really only get a couple glorious months of this warmth a year, so why not soak it up right?].

i actually do have to admit that it was kinda nice not having the internet up. it forced me to shut down. to take a step back and realize that their are other ways to connect with friends and well, just life in general. and if you know me, you probably know that i may be the world's worst blogger as i completely do not know how to work my cell [or do we call them smartphone's now? i'm so behind on the tech lingo] and all the gadgets that go along with that. so i really shut down this past week. quiet? yes. relaxing? yes. refreshing? yes. but missed you guys? yes, absolutely!

so anyway, sorry friends. even though it was a nice mini-break, i am happy to report that we are up and running again! yay! and i have a boat load of posts lined up for ya. guess all it took was the ability of not having the internet at my disposal to really know what i was missing. and darn it you guys, i really did miss our little internet community.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.the modern animal.

with a couple of my good friends each getting themselves an adorable new family member, an english bulldog & a bluetick coonhound, i just can't seem to get all things furry out of my mind. so here's a little fun [and so awesomely modern!] for the 4 legged family members in our lives.
[miss you bella, every single day - xo]

Sunday, July 7, 2013

.need, want, eat, make: breezy summer nights.

even though the last week or so has been a scorcher here in alberta, i feel the air at night still has a tiny bite to it. those darn breezy summer nights! and since we've become total sit-on-our-patio-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-or-tea-people, i figured these items will help in those particular times when we simply chill out and enjoy each other's company.
need || west elm gold rimmed stemless wine glasses [our current wine glass inventory is looking rather low these days. clumsy hands and that darn outdoor wind seem to have dwindled down our supply, and these stemless stunners would be perfect for the constant fight against that breeze on the patio]
want || jcrew merino tippi sweater in trompe l'oeil [an ultra thin sweater. warm enough to keep the goosebumps away and cute enough to still feel pretty]
eat || roasted radish chips [i've heard time and time again, just how tasty roasted radishes are and have yet to try them. i think these will have to be our next tasty [+ healthy!] snack while relaxing on the deck together. recipe and picture found here]
make || geometric triangle mug [this adorable mug would make for a super-easy diy, perfect on those weekday nights with my bedtime cup of tea. so easy in fact, i might actually find some time to complete it! and if you aren't crafty in the least, you can also purchase it here]