Sunday, July 7, 2013

.need, want, eat, make: breezy summer nights.

even though the last week or so has been a scorcher here in alberta, i feel the air at night still has a tiny bite to it. those darn breezy summer nights! and since we've become total sit-on-our-patio-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-or-tea-people, i figured these items will help in those particular times when we simply chill out and enjoy each other's company.
need || west elm gold rimmed stemless wine glasses [our current wine glass inventory is looking rather low these days. clumsy hands and that darn outdoor wind seem to have dwindled down our supply, and these stemless stunners would be perfect for the constant fight against that breeze on the patio]
want || jcrew merino tippi sweater in trompe l'oeil [an ultra thin sweater. warm enough to keep the goosebumps away and cute enough to still feel pretty]
eat || roasted radish chips [i've heard time and time again, just how tasty roasted radishes are and have yet to try them. i think these will have to be our next tasty [+ healthy!] snack while relaxing on the deck together. recipe and picture found here]
make || geometric triangle mug [this adorable mug would make for a super-easy diy, perfect on those weekday nights with my bedtime cup of tea. so easy in fact, i might actually find some time to complete it! and if you aren't crafty in the least, you can also purchase it here]


  1. Love the J Crew top. I'm still 100% in summer mode, though, and their bathing suits are pretty adorable this year.

    1. Oh, I am absolutely still in summer mode too!! We basically get summer for only 4 months of the year, so I'll take all the sunshine I can get!

      And yes, their bathing suits are ridiculously cute. I bought a one-piece a couple weeks back and scored a huge sale on it!

  2. I love that sweater! We totally need "summer sweaters" around here. I've spotted so many cute shorts lately but I just can't justify that many cause I feel like I hardly get to where them... oh, Edmonton ;)

  3. I like your cup. The best summer combination for me is shorts. cup of cold tea of nepali tea traders, and watch movies.


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