Monday, June 24, 2013

threads: wedding florals.

this past weekend we attended my step-sisters wedding. it was a lovely evening, filled with delicious food [a pasta bar! a sushi bar! a salad bar! a meat station! a candy buffet! and my fav - an ice cream station!!!], a beautiful bride and catching up with family. it was a perfect day and we had an absolute blast. but then again, since becoming 'mommy' just about any old excuse to dress up makes me deliriously happy!

after not 'feeling' a romantic taupe coloured lace dress that i had originally planned on wearing, i decided to pull out a sheath dress from my closet that i purchased while i was pregnant and hadn't had a chance to wear yet. the florals felt summery enough, while the short length lent a little sexiness to the dress - and bonus! after all that eating, i didn't feel restricted in some tight outfit!
for some finishing touches, i added some tan heels with a bit of edge [a metallic heel! yes!] which added some contrast to the soft florals, curled my hair, and threw on some of my favourite jewels. 
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*top outfit photo's taken by my lovely sister and husband. thanks guys.

and of course we couldn't have a post without a cheesy family wedding shot, so here you go. you get three of them. and that's how you turn a simple outfit post into a mile-long one ;)
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

.a happy birthday and some my little pony undies.

*photo by jessica l photography
sure love you a lot miss kelsey. today is your birthday and i can't believe that you're 29!! ack!! partly because that means i'm turing 31 in a couple months [cringe], but mostly because i remember you in diapers...or maybe it was my little pony undies...but either way you used to pee in them. or you'd sleep-walk and plop yourself down on the toilet fully dressed then attempt to pee in whatever you were wearing at the time. you liked to pee a lot i suppose. i also remember that you used to play in the dirty farm dugouts. naked! well, you'd wear your lime-green rainboots, so not entirely naked. that's what i remember. not this amazingly beautiful woman before me now. i mean!? come on with that gorgeous smile! give some of us a chance will ya! and those big ol' round hazely-green puppy dog eyes! no fair! and that heart of gold you wear daily....i mean, how did i get to lucky to call you my little sister for 29 years! 

and i mean, how great of an aunt are you?! have you seen the way my little man lights up when you walk in the room?!?!? it's incredible! so incredible i'm not even a little upset when he pushes me out of the way trying to get a glimpse of his auntie kelsey.....not even a little [ok, maaaybe a little ;)]. and let's talk about the conversations you two have already. he doesn't talk like that with anyone! and that makes me happy because you're only telling him what a wonderful person his momma is, right?? right???
so baby sister, happy 29th birthday! you are amazing. you are beautiful. you are funny. you are a little button-pusher [and soooo good at it]. you are the best auntie, ever. you are gorgeous and sweet and just so damn kind. and you're still our little pee-monster. obviously i adore you and love you so damn much. i know this will be your year of amazing things....and i can't wait to be right next to you for them all!

so my little sister. i love love love you today and from the moment you were born. even if your big sis did try to sell you to the gypsy's a couple of times....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

.jack's firsts: the zoo day.

well, we had another 'first' for the wee boy; a trip to edmonton valley zoo

last friday, and our only sunny morning amidst a particularly rainy week, jack and a few of his friends ventured out and had a little visit with the animals. while jack may have been indifferent to it all, the older children sure had a blast checking out all the wild creatures! lucy [the elephant] was awake and walking around. the zebras were munching on fresh grass. the owls kept a watchful eye out. and all our wild animals were happily mesmerized.

oh, and a carousel may have been rode too!

it was a good day indeed.
^^^this boy. i mean!
gosh, i am so lucky. ^^^
^^that is one cool dude, right there^^

^^baby jack!^^
^^baby oliver!^^
^^some eat cookies, other eat strollers. no biggie^^
^^little girl, big elephant^^
some days i am just so thankful for this boy, and our time together. things really do move way to fast and i want to soak up as many 'first's' as i can each and every day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

.red shoe crawl 2013, whyte avenue.

this past sunday, my little family and a couple close friends of ours attended the red shoe crawl on whyte avenue. i have to tell you, as this was my first time attending, i was so pleasantly surprised at how well organized and how fun it all was! i knew going in that the proceeds went to a great cause [the ronald macdonald house, a charity that helps give sick children what they need most - their families] so i was on-board 100% with whatever the outcome was, but then actually enjoying myself the entire time!? well, that was just a double bonus!! this year the event sold out, which is amazing, and i was just happy that i was able to participate in it.

we strolled around the streets of whyte ave, popping into participating stores for samples of wine [thanks eyecare group!], beers [thanks mkt!], frozen coffees [thanks second cup!], an assortment of appetizers [thanks to the food fighter truck, chianti's, mkt, naanolicious, the tinbox, sabzy, and the keg!] and an assortment of sweets [hello! cookies from crave, ice cream from marble slab and frozen yogurt from [my fav] tutti frutti!]. and that was just to name a few [we actually didn't even make it to all that stops!].

the weather held off for most of the day, with it only sprinkling on us the last half hour which worked out great because it was the little man's nap time then anyways ;)
a big thanks as well to the red shoe society for putting on a great event, not only for the ronald macdonald house, but for the city of edmonton too! i will be definitely signing up for the 124street crawl in the fall [september, to be exact!].
^^ our attempt at a selfie family photo!^^
^^a sleeping babe is evidence of a successful day! yay!^^