Monday, June 10, 2013

.paula scherr photography.

at the beginning of may, we had the absolute pleasure of spending one warm evening with the fabulous paula, from paula scherr photography. she is the talent behind all these photo's and i am just pleased as can be about them. not to share too many fuzzy feelings on here, but i couldn't shout loud enough of my love for this gal. she definitely knows a thing or two behind the camera and is just such a sweetheart too! i highly recommend, obviously. 

these also happen to be our first professional session as a family of three and little jack bugg was all smiles for paula [well, until 7 pm hit ;)]. as an early mother's day gift to my mother-in-law we also booked a session for the grandparents and i am so happy that we did. such a great idea, if i don't say so myself! we now have about 20 photo's hanging in jack's nursery [practically the entire 2 sessions!] and it brings a smile to my face every time i walk in there [nursery photo's coming soon!].

so thank you sweet paula, i know we will cherish these pictures for a lifetime. xo.

a few pics from our family of three session.....

and a few from our grandparents session.....
*to see some more pictures from this session [yes, there's more! ha!], check out paula's blog [here] and make sure to 'like' her facebook page too! as always, thanks for supporting those companies that support our family too!


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    wow, so great!

  2. You are all so good looking. Seriously.

    Great pictures, that Paula is very talented.

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    Wow, you are a really gorgeous family.

    I love that you get so many great pictures and use so many different photographers.

  4. Great beautiful! blessings!

  5. What a lovely collage of pictures! The joy that little man brings is so apparent in these photos.

  6. This are sooo great, Erinn! Paula is the best :)


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