Wednesday, July 23, 2014

.at 27 weeks, with the treb twins.

.at twenty seven weeks.
::still haven't cracked that envelope, although i have a serious hunch!
::i am not really craving much of anything. just random food thoughts will hit me and i'll need to have it at that given second. then i'll eat it and it passes, so not really craving any one thing in particular. 
::tums, people. tums. every single bloody night.
::my back is getting pretty sore and beat-up. twin "b" apparently enjoys hanging out deep in my back, which kinda sucks. not gonna lie.
::i threw a bridal shower for my sister, and it went great. being pregnant with twins doesn't curb your lust for a good excuse to decorate and party plan. 
::we bought a new vehicle to fit our growing brood! so excited about this! and we definitely spoiled ourselves in the options department. yay! i am absolutely in love.
::twin 'a' is weighing 2lb 5oz, while twin 'b' is weighing in at 2lb 4 oz.! that's 1lb growth each for the little chubbers! grow babies, grow!!
::i've been sleeping terrible. the treb twins throw a mini party around 10 pm each night. and i love it just about as much as i love onions.
::so needless to say, i'm still tired. cue my 'mini violin'.
::we finally found ourselves a maid service. omg, no words.
::i've been documenting a whole lot more of these babies growth. i've been so busy in the previous stages of this pregnancy that i feel like i've neglected the little suckers compared to the first pregnancy round with jack. trying to remedy that for the baby books...

for those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this means i'm now over 6.5 months pregnant!! [however, these pictures were taken a week ago or so!]

Saturday, July 19, 2014

.this month's shopping list: july.

this month's shopping list has me lusting over breezy summer dresses, embroidery, and floral. and a few special care products to assist against that powerful summer sun.
and yes, i am fully aware that july is almost over....sheesh. i have some buying to do!
shop: [just click on the title and it'll take you right to the item!]
1. thief & bandit maxi dress || i personally think this may be the absolute perfect summer maxi dress. a little on the higher price scale, but worth every penny. and i do believe that i could wear this bump and sans-bump, which is obviously just the extra push of reasoning i needed ;)

2. jcrew hibiscus floral shorts || this colour scale has me drooling! and that pom-pom trim...need i say more? just wish i could wear them this summer, instead of next. darn bump.

3. asos maternity embroidered sundress || actually purchased and patiently awaiting its arrival. i just can't wait to sink my claws into this dress and i will for sure do a bump update once it arrives. that's a promise.

4. bite beauty agave lip mask || on every 'must-try' list and apparently everyone knows it as well! it's always sold out...but i'm on the hunt!

5. madewell cross-stitch belt || really enjoying this shade of leather lately, and those embroidered cross-stitch detailing just adds so much more. also, this would kind of be perfect to pull in a dress for some bump highlighting action.

6. marc jacobs nail polish in colour snap! || i've been on the hunt for a great orange shade since the sun's been out and this, my friends, is it! i love the bright contrast against a tanned summer hand. also, how great would this pair with those hibiscus shorts?!

7. anthropologie dress || there aren't many words i have for how beautiful this dress it. and i think it may even have a high enough waistline  to fit the bump?! so so so pretty.

8. shiseido refreshing sun protection spray for hair and body || i always wondered how to not burn the hot of your head when you forget your hat on really sunny days. and now i have my answer. also, my son has the lightest shade of blonde hair you've ever seen and i am paranoid about it burning. i think this needs to be added to my arsenal stat!

9. bobbi brown soho chic eyeshadow palette || i've been eyeing this baby up forever now and it's potentially time to purchase. the colours in it are perfection.

Friday, July 11, 2014

.outside favourites for the 1.5 year old crowd.

with our weather scheduled to be ridiculously hot this weekend [yay! i'll take what i can get even with being 6 months pregnant!] i thought it appropriate to share a few of jack's favourite outdoor items. he's rounding 21 months old, so if you have a toddler in that age range, id grab a few of these and enjoy this weather while you can. also - besides the bit of colour you get on your skin from being in the fresh outdoors, your toddler also sleeps like a baby again! win - win!!
zokuhomme fish pop moulds || this ice pop mould & maker is basically the coolest [pun intended!] sucker around! fish bones, shark, a scuba diver and even an octopus are shaped from any juice concoction you can think up. healthy or not-so-healthy is totally your choice, but always super fun with these!

ny ball cap || after much persistence from both peter and i, jack is finally on the 'hat' train every time he goes outside. with his white-blonde hair, this has quickly become an essential for keeping our precious boys head from burning constantly. so why not make it a cool ball cap, right?

water/sand table || we actually have a similar model with a pirate ship from costco, but this dump truck table would basically be a little boys dream.

'awesome' rash guard top || while jack isn't always sporting a swim guard, if i know that we'll be outside for much of the day or if it's ridiculously hot out, i'll slip him into this for a little extra awesome spf50 protection. just remember, this doesn't replace your regular spf routine!

native jefferson shoes || basically the best water shoes around. easy to put on, lightweight and pretty darn cute! jack's already lived in his and summer has just begun!

honest co. sunscreen spf 30 spray || this spray is uva/uvb, free from harmful chemicals [non-nano] and the spray is easy enough to apply without jack freaking out the entire time [well, who am i kidding...the kid cries the second i say sunscreen - what is with that?!]. it's water-resistant for up to 40 minutes and dries quickly. i quite enjoy it.

tropical print bermuda swim trunks || well, of course i put my son in one of the coolest summer trends of 2014 - the palm tropical trend! he has more pairs than i can to share and these ones are pretty great.

colorblock chalk || jack been on a serious colouring kick as of late and getting to colour on a sidewalk?! mind-blown! now just to teach him that sidewalks and walls are not the same thing!

*this post contains some affiliate links.

Friday, July 4, 2014

.at 24 weeks, with the treb twins.

shop: lace shirt, h&m [similar] || vest, target || maternity jeans, h&m || heels, zara || earrings, stella & dot
.at twenty four weeks.
::i am craving pickles, cheese and 10 pm each night. 
::and i can't get enough of mint aero chocolate bars. i'm buying the costco pack, people!
::twin 'a' is weighing in around 1lb 5oz, while twin 'b' is weighing in around 1lb 3 oz.
::the twins nursery progress hasn't really moved since the last update. although, we did buy two new cribs and set them up! yay!
::we have a sealed envelope with each babies gender inside. it hasn't been opened...yet.
::my doctor has put me on medical leave. my body [and mind!] was really starting to feel the stresses of working full time, toddler duties, twin growing, and basically just life in general at this very moment. and it was much needed.
::the twinners are moving around like crazy. little jabs and kicks all over the place.
::daddy got to finally feel a kick too [well technically that was actually last week for documentation sake!].
::i am still beyond tired. and it is still not worth the energy to complain about.
::my house looks like a scene out of basically any disaster movie. i need a maid. stat.
::besides the few minor aches and pains, life is good.
::my maternity style is officially in full swing. leggings. maxi's. summer dresses and flat sandals are where it's at! well, besides being naked all the time. and sorry jeans, it's nothing personal.

for those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this means i'm now 6 months pregnant!