Wednesday, July 23, 2014

.at 27 weeks, with the treb twins.

.at twenty seven weeks.
::still haven't cracked that envelope, although i have a serious hunch!
::i am not really craving much of anything. just random food thoughts will hit me and i'll need to have it at that given second. then i'll eat it and it passes, so not really craving any one thing in particular. 
::tums, people. tums. every single bloody night.
::my back is getting pretty sore and beat-up. twin "b" apparently enjoys hanging out deep in my back, which kinda sucks. not gonna lie.
::i threw a bridal shower for my sister, and it went great. being pregnant with twins doesn't curb your lust for a good excuse to decorate and party plan. 
::we bought a new vehicle to fit our growing brood! so excited about this! and we definitely spoiled ourselves in the options department. yay! i am absolutely in love.
::twin 'a' is weighing 2lb 5oz, while twin 'b' is weighing in at 2lb 4 oz.! that's 1lb growth each for the little chubbers! grow babies, grow!!
::i've been sleeping terrible. the treb twins throw a mini party around 10 pm each night. and i love it just about as much as i love onions.
::so needless to say, i'm still tired. cue my 'mini violin'.
::we finally found ourselves a maid service. omg, no words.
::i've been documenting a whole lot more of these babies growth. i've been so busy in the previous stages of this pregnancy that i feel like i've neglected the little suckers compared to the first pregnancy round with jack. trying to remedy that for the baby books...

for those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this means i'm now over 6.5 months pregnant!! [however, these pictures were taken a week ago or so!]


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014

    Amazing Erinn.. You should be a model for pregnant women !! So glad everything is going good for you ! Pregnancy with twins would def be tough, no matter what.. Hang in there, your doing great ! Karen

  2. Hot mama!! Seriously, you look amazing and that is one hot dress. Did you join the minivan club? ;)

  3. terri aka grammyJuly 23, 2014

    You look great honey!! Make sure you take time out for you and to eat!!! You need to fatten up those babies!! lol


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