Saturday, July 19, 2014

.this month's shopping list: july.

this month's shopping list has me lusting over breezy summer dresses, embroidery, and floral. and a few special care products to assist against that powerful summer sun.
and yes, i am fully aware that july is almost over....sheesh. i have some buying to do!
shop: [just click on the title and it'll take you right to the item!]
1. thief & bandit maxi dress || i personally think this may be the absolute perfect summer maxi dress. a little on the higher price scale, but worth every penny. and i do believe that i could wear this bump and sans-bump, which is obviously just the extra push of reasoning i needed ;)

2. jcrew hibiscus floral shorts || this colour scale has me drooling! and that pom-pom trim...need i say more? just wish i could wear them this summer, instead of next. darn bump.

3. asos maternity embroidered sundress || actually purchased and patiently awaiting its arrival. i just can't wait to sink my claws into this dress and i will for sure do a bump update once it arrives. that's a promise.

4. bite beauty agave lip mask || on every 'must-try' list and apparently everyone knows it as well! it's always sold out...but i'm on the hunt!

5. madewell cross-stitch belt || really enjoying this shade of leather lately, and those embroidered cross-stitch detailing just adds so much more. also, this would kind of be perfect to pull in a dress for some bump highlighting action.

6. marc jacobs nail polish in colour snap! || i've been on the hunt for a great orange shade since the sun's been out and this, my friends, is it! i love the bright contrast against a tanned summer hand. also, how great would this pair with those hibiscus shorts?!

7. anthropologie dress || there aren't many words i have for how beautiful this dress it. and i think it may even have a high enough waistline  to fit the bump?! so so so pretty.

8. shiseido refreshing sun protection spray for hair and body || i always wondered how to not burn the hot of your head when you forget your hat on really sunny days. and now i have my answer. also, my son has the lightest shade of blonde hair you've ever seen and i am paranoid about it burning. i think this needs to be added to my arsenal stat!

9. bobbi brown soho chic eyeshadow palette || i've been eyeing this baby up forever now and it's potentially time to purchase. the colours in it are perfection.


  1. That Thief + Bandit dress <3 Is that the one you were telling me about for my birthday?!

    1. Yes and no, Chelsea. It was actually the maxi skirt I was going to get you but in this same print! Love them both, however!
      [just think my bump will still fit this dress and it's iffie on the maxi skirt.....]


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