Friday, October 25, 2013

.trending: camo.

right now on my radar - camo print! yep, this isn't just for hunters anymore! i don't know if the trend started with the popular show, duck dynasty, but it's been popping up in bits here and there for a while, and i am especially excited that's it's moved to clothing. i personally love the print mixed in with a fancy skirt or coordinating pop of colour [think rust orange!] and have even sported this t-shirt with a pencil skirt and cardigan at work recently. 

other ways i recommend wearing? throwing on just a hint of camo with a belt or those pointed-tie flats with jeans and a great leather tan jacket, putting these adorable leggings on your child [yes, jack has them too!], layering that military jacket under a jean jacket for an awesome fall look, or even just throwing on those amazing skinny jeans below and a giant cozy sweater.

side note: i actually did find a great tee in the boys department at old navy! super cheap, in a size that fits me, and exactly what i was looking for. guess i do get lucky every now and again!! now if this would come to edmonton, i would be even more appreciative!
also - i kinda really want this too!! hahaha!

1. pointed toe flats - target
2. baseball tee - target [in the men's department, although i sadly haven't been able to track one down in canada yet]
3. belt - jcrew
4. military jacket - anthropologie [kinda perfect, right?!]
5. note books - jcrew factory
6. tee - old navy [i own this for myself, although it is kids. just size up, obviously!]
7. knit sweater - target [i own this too and love it. just shopped the men's section]
8. skinny jeans - gap [have been on my 'buy' list for a while]
9. boys sweatshirt - crewcuts [jack has this and i cannot wait till he grows into it!]

Thursday, October 17, 2013

.happy first birthday, my sweet boy.

today marks your 1st birthday, my sweet boy. 
it's been 1 whole year since you turned my world upside down. since you showed me how deep my love can be. and it's just so different than loving your daddy [which i do now, more than ever]. this love - when it concerns you is internal, it's deep and unconditional, it's unavoidable. it's just something that i do. something that i can't control. you are my heart, baby bugg.

along with your wide toothless smile, your bright blue eyes and the most awesome head of blonde hair came a spirit of sweetness and laughter. you are happiness and loveliness and represent everything good in the world. i never knew what to expect in a little boy, but you have exceeded anything i could have ever dreamt.

this year we have watched you grow into such a sweet little boy, much to my dismay [won't you be my drooling baby forever!?]. you bring so much love to everyone. we've watched you learn to clap your hands and then wait for our applause afterwards. you blow raspberry kisses and think it's the funniest thing ever. you enjoyed 'soldier' crawling for ages and just recently learned the ease of actual crawling on your knees. you prefer to be on mommy's lap when watching cartoons, rather than sitting by yourself. you flirt with everyone you meet. you enjoy full-face sloppy wet kisses and occasionally try to slip a french one in. you love books and choose them over toys. unless that toy has wheels on it, then those books may have a little competition. you love your pacifier and now require one in your mouth and one in your hand before naps or at bedtime. you adore balloons. you love to crawl around naked as a jaybird and it gets the most laughter out of you always. perhaps something about the fresh air on your equipment! you love bath time with daddy and reading in daddy's arms. you're also cheeky, like your daddy. you share each others sense of humour and i can see trouble in the future for me dealing with the two of you. in the best possible way though. you like to crawl over our legs like a little ant and are busy as a bee. you smirk at women, like you're working a deal [and you probably are!] and you always get what you want. you never forget where a button/switch is located and love to turn things on and off, much to daddy's dismay [hockey game, on and off on and off]. you love music and bop your little body to the beat. you are small and mighty and sweet and empathic. you have a heart of gold and a spirited soul. 

you make me proud every single day and i love you more than words can describe. i will always support you, and i hope you always remember you have a place right next to me forever and ever. 

happy birthday, jack bugg. we love you so very much.


Sunday, October 13, 2013


just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very happy [canadian] thanksgiving! i know i'm already down one turkey dinner, with 3 more looming before me, which i am both incredibly thankful and incredibly excited for. things just don't get much better than a houseful of loving family and a belly full of turkey. 

in saying that, today i sit here thinking of this exact time last year. i was 10 months pregnant, over due by a 5 days and just ready to meet our sweet, jack. he, in his usual fashion, was late to the party and although we were surrounded by family i remember thinking we were missing one vital piece of that puzzle. our boy. 
now, this thanksgiving, he is here. and almost a year old! goodness! but everything feels so damn right. and so damn great. and i, for one, am so damn happy and thankful for all of it. each and every day i thank god for that little beautiful boy and all the joy he brings me. for my beautiful husband. for my beautiful family. for my beautiful friends. for it all. 

i hope you get to spend a few minutes being thankful for something that brings joy to your life. something that makes life beautiful.

Friday, October 11, 2013

.trending: buffalo check.

what is it about this print?! the buffalo check has been popping up everywhere and that's something i, for one, am not at all sad about! i can't get enough of this print and my wardrobe is beginning to look a little like a lumberjack puked all over it - in the best possible way! 
also, if you follow me on instagram, you would have seen a little sneak peek into jack's upcoming birthday party theme and lets just say that this print will be featured all over for sure!

here are few other buffalo check items that i adore - this hat, this throw [we own this!], this mens shirt, these socks, this backpack, this liquor flask, this maternity sweater, this wallet, this shirt with leather collar [i own this and love it!], and this children's sweater [so so so cute!].
1. shirt - jcrew factory [yep, this too is currently hanging in my closet]
2. tie - jcrew factory [peter doesn't know it yet, but he owns this tie ;) ]
3. trapper hat - woolrich
4. throw - urban outfitters
5. pocket square - jacqueline rousseau etsy shop [this may just be my next purchase for pete]
6. duvet cover - simons [i absolutely need this. don't know where i'd put it, but i love it]
7. pillow cover - sewn natural etsy shop [why not get this, right?! it's just so awesome! and actually would look most excellent in jack's new teepee! okay, i definitely need this now!!!!]
8. buffalo print - 618 love etsy shop [kinda perfect, right?! i think we'll find a home for this in jack's nursery]
9. thermos - jcrew factory [yes, i ordered this for jack's party! can't wait till it gets here!]

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

.blog update.

you may have noticed fancy napkin has been going through a few minor changes. i am currently working on bringing in some new series: a trending report, a 'say hi' feature focusing on businesses or people, a monthly shopping list, weekly threads & outfit posts for both myself and jack, a monthly video favourites [yep, bringing it back!], more crafting & diy projects, and a weekly recipe. i'm focusing on building a more structured site and would appreciate any feedback you may have on what you love, like and perhaps can do without [but let's be kind please!] on here. i enjoy all aspects of blogging, but find i'm a little too 'all-over-the-map some days and hence my cleanup. 

i'm also sourcing out a blog designer to clean this little baby up....again, any suggestions? a few more items on my agenda - working with more advertisers [for  obvious reasons] with product reviews or clothing posts, as well as partnering with a few photographers [and actually videographers too!] who may have a few extra hours on their hands that could be fancy napkin's sole photographers for detail shots, outfits posts, etc. etc. 

so if you, or if you know of anyone interested in anything like this in the edmonton or surrounding area please tell them to give me a shout. they'd build a bunch of marketing/advertising for their site or business! i know i've certainly helped a few photographers build some clientele this way :)

so email me at or leave a comment below. 
thanks, as always for following along!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

.jack's threads: little titans.

you wouldn't know it, but this little fella is one sick baby today. actually, that pesky cold bug has hit this entire house with a vengeance! baby, momma, and even papa are feeling it. it's also truly a good thing blogs don't require voices or this wouldn't be up today - i've literally lost mine.
so in saying that, it's also the perfect day to lounge around in our warm and cozy comfy's, work from home and just try to get better [and not pass this terrible, muscle-aching, sore throat coughing monster onto anyone else!]. but lets just talk about these tights! i mean, come one with the cuteness, right?!?! little titans does one bang up job on making a perfect little man's tights. i really can't tell you enough about how much i love these. first of all, they look super hip. second, jack adores them. and third, just the quality and function of them! color me impressed! they have gripe's on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding for those mobile babes, they are made of a thick thermal-like material so rips and wear isn't going to be an issue, they have an elastic waist so even a skinny mini like jackeroo [or a chubby sweetie] will fit like a glove, all while keeping this sick little dude nice and warm.
i am sold.
thank you little titans, i am your newest #1.
image via: little titans
shop jack's outfit or similar items:
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Monday, October 7, 2013

.this month's shopping list: october.

this month's shopping list. on my mind in no particular order: halloween, work shoes, tailored pieces, dark fall makeup, warm knits, cozy sweaters, leopard and leather.
1. peplum top || i'm thinking this is a perfect neutral for those days when i just can't figure out what to wear and i'm in a bit of a rush....which is basically every morning. [and it's on sale!!!]
2. work mary janes || are these not just the perfect work heel? another neutral to go with everything. and a closed toe is a must for the office, or at least at what i do.
3. leopard iphone case || i just can't get enough of calf hair or leopard anything! it's becoming a small addiction. [and it's on sale!!!! with an additional 40% off!]
4. faux leather a-line dress || i truly think this faux leather dress is a bit of perfection. and perhaps an easy way to dive into the leather trend? a great piece for layering.
5. cute black work pumps || another great pair of heels. dressed up or dressed down, both would work well. i think i need these desperately.
6. warm stylish knitted hat || homemade hat perfection, right there. i am also totally digging this colour combo.
7. bordeaux fall lipgloss || this is my perfect fall lip colour. it's perfection and i needed it, like yesterday.
8. bien sweater || just a damn great shirt, especially since i've got a thing for all things french since my last vacation.
9. halloween cookie cutter/press || yep. these are just awesome. and halloween is almost upon us!,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

.back at work.

[photo's taken by my friend, chelsea. also jack's carer and friend :)]

well, if you follow me over on instagram you may have seen that tuesday was my first day back to work. i started the day with bittersweet emotions. a mixture of sadness, excitement, nervousness, and worry. i knew this day was coming and like the organized fool i am, basically had everything ready by the front door like a kindergartener. jack's multiple items were packed for his carer [he's spending a mixture of days between my amazing mother-in-law and my amazing friend, both of whom jack and i love and trust impeccably], my outfit's for the week were picked out, and our meal plans were done. i was ready, but i just couldn't shake this feeling of sadness. 

after the initial drop off, i should share that i did shed a couple of tears in my car as it was parked outside my office. and it completely surprised me. perhaps because i wasn't really sure as to why i was crying.

i enjoy my job enough that i wasn't scared to go back. in fact my coworkers are great and i get along with a plethora of different clients which makes it fun. i'm not stuck in an office 9 - 5 and i'm pretty confident at what i do. i wasn't crying because i was sad at leaving jack with someone else [although that does kinda suck] and i understand that i am lucky that i have both my mil and my friend watching him rather than a stranger. i know jack is comfortable and probably about to have the time of his life playing with someone other than his old momma.

no, i was crying because it was yet again another change. yet another adjustment to make. our routine, that i felt was perfect, about to fade away.

as a girl who prides herself on usually embracing change, being a mom has really made me appreciate the normalcy of routine. the normalcy of just having the small moments count. the normalcy of family and good friends and how important love and respect is. i used to thrive on being busy, on not missing anything. on never saying 'no', but since jack has entered our lives those feelings of always having to do something different and exciting and wild has slowly diminished. i now simply enjoy knowing what's going to be happening today, tomorrow or the week after. and i think i felt that was all about to change. i sat in my car and cried because i didn't know if i would be able to handle this change, yet again. could i juggle work and being a mom? could i get us back to the perfect routine we had just the day before?

and then something great happened. my husband called just to say "you'll do great, erinn. i'm here for you if you need me". and like that, i realized that i don't have to juggle it all. i don't have to have a perfect routine fully organized to the last minute. life is about living. so with that i marched through those doors and was welcomed back with a bunch of smiles. and although i won't lie and say i'm not entirely pooped out, i can say that it wasn't that bad. the change, i mean. everything is going to be okay. i realized that a little change was good for jack and for me. and i realized that we're all much stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

**side note: i was struggling on what picture to add for this post and when chelsea sent me these pictures throughout the day today, i knew they were perfect. a play-by-play for a momma missing her baby boy.