Monday, October 7, 2013

.this month's shopping list: october.

this month's shopping list. on my mind in no particular order: halloween, work shoes, tailored pieces, dark fall makeup, warm knits, cozy sweaters, leopard and leather.
1. peplum top || i'm thinking this is a perfect neutral for those days when i just can't figure out what to wear and i'm in a bit of a rush....which is basically every morning. [and it's on sale!!!]
2. work mary janes || are these not just the perfect work heel? another neutral to go with everything. and a closed toe is a must for the office, or at least at what i do.
3. leopard iphone case || i just can't get enough of calf hair or leopard anything! it's becoming a small addiction. [and it's on sale!!!! with an additional 40% off!]
4. faux leather a-line dress || i truly think this faux leather dress is a bit of perfection. and perhaps an easy way to dive into the leather trend? a great piece for layering.
5. cute black work pumps || another great pair of heels. dressed up or dressed down, both would work well. i think i need these desperately.
6. warm stylish knitted hat || homemade hat perfection, right there. i am also totally digging this colour combo.
7. bordeaux fall lipgloss || this is my perfect fall lip colour. it's perfection and i needed it, like yesterday.
8. bien sweater || just a damn great shirt, especially since i've got a thing for all things french since my last vacation.
9. halloween cookie cutter/press || yep. these are just awesome. and halloween is almost upon us!,

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