Thursday, October 17, 2013

.happy first birthday, my sweet boy.

today marks your 1st birthday, my sweet boy. 
it's been 1 whole year since you turned my world upside down. since you showed me how deep my love can be. and it's just so different than loving your daddy [which i do now, more than ever]. this love - when it concerns you is internal, it's deep and unconditional, it's unavoidable. it's just something that i do. something that i can't control. you are my heart, baby bugg.

along with your wide toothless smile, your bright blue eyes and the most awesome head of blonde hair came a spirit of sweetness and laughter. you are happiness and loveliness and represent everything good in the world. i never knew what to expect in a little boy, but you have exceeded anything i could have ever dreamt.

this year we have watched you grow into such a sweet little boy, much to my dismay [won't you be my drooling baby forever!?]. you bring so much love to everyone. we've watched you learn to clap your hands and then wait for our applause afterwards. you blow raspberry kisses and think it's the funniest thing ever. you enjoyed 'soldier' crawling for ages and just recently learned the ease of actual crawling on your knees. you prefer to be on mommy's lap when watching cartoons, rather than sitting by yourself. you flirt with everyone you meet. you enjoy full-face sloppy wet kisses and occasionally try to slip a french one in. you love books and choose them over toys. unless that toy has wheels on it, then those books may have a little competition. you love your pacifier and now require one in your mouth and one in your hand before naps or at bedtime. you adore balloons. you love to crawl around naked as a jaybird and it gets the most laughter out of you always. perhaps something about the fresh air on your equipment! you love bath time with daddy and reading in daddy's arms. you're also cheeky, like your daddy. you share each others sense of humour and i can see trouble in the future for me dealing with the two of you. in the best possible way though. you like to crawl over our legs like a little ant and are busy as a bee. you smirk at women, like you're working a deal [and you probably are!] and you always get what you want. you never forget where a button/switch is located and love to turn things on and off, much to daddy's dismay [hockey game, on and off on and off]. you love music and bop your little body to the beat. you are small and mighty and sweet and empathic. you have a heart of gold and a spirited soul. 

you make me proud every single day and i love you more than words can describe. i will always support you, and i hope you always remember you have a place right next to me forever and ever. 

happy birthday, jack bugg. we love you so very much.



  1. Happy Birthday,,,Have a great day!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful letter. A keepsake for sure.

    1. Thank you! I'm planning on showing him this on his 18th birthday :)


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