Friday, October 11, 2013

.trending: buffalo check.

what is it about this print?! the buffalo check has been popping up everywhere and that's something i, for one, am not at all sad about! i can't get enough of this print and my wardrobe is beginning to look a little like a lumberjack puked all over it - in the best possible way! 
also, if you follow me on instagram, you would have seen a little sneak peek into jack's upcoming birthday party theme and lets just say that this print will be featured all over for sure!

here are few other buffalo check items that i adore - this hat, this throw [we own this!], this mens shirt, these socks, this backpack, this liquor flask, this maternity sweater, this wallet, this shirt with leather collar [i own this and love it!], and this children's sweater [so so so cute!].
1. shirt - jcrew factory [yep, this too is currently hanging in my closet]
2. tie - jcrew factory [peter doesn't know it yet, but he owns this tie ;) ]
3. trapper hat - woolrich
4. throw - urban outfitters
5. pocket square - jacqueline rousseau etsy shop [this may just be my next purchase for pete]
6. duvet cover - simons [i absolutely need this. don't know where i'd put it, but i love it]
7. pillow cover - sewn natural etsy shop [why not get this, right?! it's just so awesome! and actually would look most excellent in jack's new teepee! okay, i definitely need this now!!!!]
8. buffalo print - 618 love etsy shop [kinda perfect, right?! i think we'll find a home for this in jack's nursery]
9. thermos - jcrew factory [yes, i ordered this for jack's party! can't wait till it gets here!]

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  1. Ahh! So great! I love buffalo print too!!!

  2. I agree, that print and that pillow cover need to be in your home! Jack's nursery [when will you EVER post that, woman!? I'm dying over here to see it!] would look so awesome with it in there and that pillow is just rad all around! And in a teepee?! So cute! Share some pictures of them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a fabulous little collection of lumberjack. we're thrilled you chose to include our handmade pillow sham. thank you!

  4. Buying pillow and print! So cute.


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