Wednesday, October 9, 2013

.jack's threads: little titans.

you wouldn't know it, but this little fella is one sick baby today. actually, that pesky cold bug has hit this entire house with a vengeance! baby, momma, and even papa are feeling it. it's also truly a good thing blogs don't require voices or this wouldn't be up today - i've literally lost mine.
so in saying that, it's also the perfect day to lounge around in our warm and cozy comfy's, work from home and just try to get better [and not pass this terrible, muscle-aching, sore throat coughing monster onto anyone else!]. but lets just talk about these tights! i mean, come one with the cuteness, right?!?! little titans does one bang up job on making a perfect little man's tights. i really can't tell you enough about how much i love these. first of all, they look super hip. second, jack adores them. and third, just the quality and function of them! color me impressed! they have gripe's on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding for those mobile babes, they are made of a thick thermal-like material so rips and wear isn't going to be an issue, they have an elastic waist so even a skinny mini like jackeroo [or a chubby sweetie] will fit like a glove, all while keeping this sick little dude nice and warm.
i am sold.
thank you little titans, i am your newest #1.
image via: little titans
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  1. Leanne Dransfeld (Stone)October 09, 2013

    Oh my goodness! SO adorable! How the heck do you find all these amazing online shops for the bebes? I need to know your online shopping secret!

    1. Aren't they the cutest little tights, ever! I really want the orange/grey combo pair now too! The durability in them are amazing and jack seems to love them [at least he's not pulling at the toes, like he does with socks!].
      Wish I had a secret for online shopping to share with you, other than I do a LOT of it......much to Peter's dismay!
      I'll keep trying to share the best finds out there, my friend :)

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