Friday, October 25, 2013

.trending: camo.

right now on my radar - camo print! yep, this isn't just for hunters anymore! i don't know if the trend started with the popular show, duck dynasty, but it's been popping up in bits here and there for a while, and i am especially excited that's it's moved to clothing. i personally love the print mixed in with a fancy skirt or coordinating pop of colour [think rust orange!] and have even sported this t-shirt with a pencil skirt and cardigan at work recently. 

other ways i recommend wearing? throwing on just a hint of camo with a belt or those pointed-tie flats with jeans and a great leather tan jacket, putting these adorable leggings on your child [yes, jack has them too!], layering that military jacket under a jean jacket for an awesome fall look, or even just throwing on those amazing skinny jeans below and a giant cozy sweater.

side note: i actually did find a great tee in the boys department at old navy! super cheap, in a size that fits me, and exactly what i was looking for. guess i do get lucky every now and again!! now if this would come to edmonton, i would be even more appreciative!
also - i kinda really want this too!! hahaha!

1. pointed toe flats - target
2. baseball tee - target [in the men's department, although i sadly haven't been able to track one down in canada yet]
3. belt - jcrew
4. military jacket - anthropologie [kinda perfect, right?!]
5. note books - jcrew factory
6. tee - old navy [i own this for myself, although it is kids. just size up, obviously!]
7. knit sweater - target [i own this too and love it. just shopped the men's section]
8. skinny jeans - gap [have been on my 'buy' list for a while]
9. boys sweatshirt - crewcuts [jack has this and i cannot wait till he grows into it!]

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