Thursday, October 10, 2013

.blog update.

you may have noticed fancy napkin has been going through a few minor changes. i am currently working on bringing in some new series: a trending report, a 'say hi' feature focusing on businesses or people, a monthly shopping list, weekly threads & outfit posts for both myself and jack, a monthly video favourites [yep, bringing it back!], more crafting & diy projects, and a weekly recipe. i'm focusing on building a more structured site and would appreciate any feedback you may have on what you love, like and perhaps can do without [but let's be kind please!] on here. i enjoy all aspects of blogging, but find i'm a little too 'all-over-the-map some days and hence my cleanup. 

i'm also sourcing out a blog designer to clean this little baby up....again, any suggestions? a few more items on my agenda - working with more advertisers [for  obvious reasons] with product reviews or clothing posts, as well as partnering with a few photographers [and actually videographers too!] who may have a few extra hours on their hands that could be fancy napkin's sole photographers for detail shots, outfits posts, etc. etc. 

so if you, or if you know of anyone interested in anything like this in the edmonton or surrounding area please tell them to give me a shout. they'd build a bunch of marketing/advertising for their site or business! i know i've certainly helped a few photographers build some clientele this way :)

so email me at or leave a comment below. 
thanks, as always for following along!


  1. Oh, I know a photographer who would LOVE to work with you Erinn! I'll send her your information.

  2. I also would love to work with you, Fancy Napkin! I own a new modern children's online boutique that is just about to go live, and would love to send your little Jack a couple items. I will contact you now with more information.
    Thank you for reaching out to new and budding entrepreneurs!

  3. Steve JacksonOctober 10, 2013

    I am also a photographer looking to build my portfolio, if you are still looking. I will shoot you an email right now. Please let me know if we would be a good fit.

    Steve Jackson

  4. Jackie (from Deerling Styles)October 10, 2013

    Your kid is a dream to style! I'd be interested in working with you if you require a stylist.

  5. Oh, Looks like you have a few offers! Yes! I love what you're doing right now, so keep up the daily posting and I'll keep reading!

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