Friday, June 29, 2012

.Athens, Greece.

graffiti wall art in athens
With only one night in Athens, we tried to squeeze in as much as we could. 
However, with their election happening during our stay, it made things a little more difficult.
And the Acropolis was closed. Both days!
So some walking, getting lost, a little eating, and a lot of graffiti viewing [athens is covered] would have to do.
We did however, have a marvelous hotel room with some of the most spectacular views I've ever seen.
faking it
our hotel square
a truck full of garlic. totally normal.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Santorini, Greece.

the sunset in Oia
Sun, Black Sand Beaches, Gyro's, Iced Coffee, Fresh Seafood.
It all means "Greece" to me now.
Santorini was nothing short of amazing. It was absolutely the most perfect place to visit after the whirlwind couple of first weeks we had pre-wedding. And it's just the sort of place to actually vacation with your loved one.
We stayed in a villa called Artemis Village in the town of Karterderos, just outside of the capital Fira and right on the beach. Our room balcony literally overlooked the ocean and we woke up to the sun and fresh breezes each and every morning. We also kindly indulged in these damn delicious iced coffee's that the owners brewed up for us at any given moment. I suspect that those will be very missed.
We rented a car [peter drove this time] and toured the entire island the week that we where there. We went to the trendy boardwalk and took in an outdoor movie at Kameri Beach; Did some shopping and sightseeing in Fira; Watched the sunset in Oia; Sunbathed on the beach of Perissa; Took a very cool boat tour; Walked up an active Volcano [Nea Kameri, a volcano which last erupted a mere 50 years ago!]; Swam in the natural Hot Springs; Managed the hike and lounged at Red Beach [our fav beach!]; Ate and visited the separate and old island of Thirissa [where peter had his favorite meal cooked right on the beach].
We also just lazily lounged by our pool and ate till our hearts content. The food here was amazing and I know we'll miss the fresh cheeses, santorini tomatoes and kalamata olives. Oh and I sort of take back everything I said about the british food being totally edible [sorry Brit's!] after tasting the fresh food of Santorini!! It was scrumptious!
view from the top of Fira
baby momma
my little buddy
grilled corn at red beach
red beach, santorini.
pete swimming at red beach
aye aye, captain.
a little swim at the hot springs
enjoying the view at old Thirissa
kisses on the beach
Oia, Santorini
love this pic: the sunset. the view. and the boy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

.Manchester, England.

We only had the brief pleasure of visiting Manchester for one night.
The night right after the wedding.
A group of us went to see a Coldplay concert and I'm not going to pretty up the experience. It was raining and chilly. The concert was outside and ugh, I was exhausted. And cranky.
However, once the concert started, it was like the thunderclouds went away. And it turned out to be an awesome time.
So thanks to Coldplay for another great show and thanks to my friends for not disowning me.
ps. Manchester, you seemed like a very cool city. I promise to return for a real visit soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

.An English Wedding.

the happy couple
This post is extra special because the two people who got hitched are extra special.
Our wonderful friends, Fiona + James.
Now Mrs. & Mr. Ellington.
As most of you know this was the initial reason for our big Europe adventure and England was our muse.
The two have a lovely story; she being English, he being Canadian. The two of them meeting while so young, travelling Australia. Falling fast in love. 
It's a love story straight out of a movie. And we were so honoured to be a part of it. 
The bride glowed. The groom looked so handsome and [almost] cried [this was up for debate, but he DEFINITELY choked up his vows for those of you with a bet out there!]. And the venue rocked. The English and the Canadians mingled, drank, and danced the night away.
It was all very very magical.
Congrat's to those two crazy kids. We really couldn't be happier for you both.
guest book and bits
the walls
love is sweet. and so is candy.
seating charts
on bridesmaid duty
us, the treb's [and sadly the only picture we got together]
one handsome groom
a little man love. peter and steve.
and some baby love
a happy bridesmaid. and thanks to pat t for this pic
one beautiful bride
one sleepy baby. little sloane and momma jen
fi's ladies from both sides of the pond
thumbs up for one hell of a wedding
[rhian, ian, erinn, and niki]
NOTE: Please forgive the pictures [and lack of quality]. It was apparent that the two cameras we brought just wasn't meant to be. Our battery died on one and music was needed on the other. So we got what we got. 
Also, who wants to be taking pictures instead of enjoying the day. Enough said. xo

Monday, June 18, 2012

Guest Post: Just Bella.

Hiya Friends! So today, I have another total treat for you all.
A guest post from another fav blogger of mine [and a fellow Edmonontian too!]. Christine from Just Bella.
I found Christine's blog from my friend Andrea and was hooked right away. I get my daily dose of her and her adorable little family each day and look forward to each new post. I also find myself stealing a bunch of decor tips [this girl has major home style and crafting skills] and get a ton of inspiration in my own crafting attempts from her. She also just popped out a sweet little girl and I knew exactly who I wanted to ask to guest post of anything baby. I was beyond thrilled when she said yes [thank you christine!], so friends, without further ado..........
Hi Fancy Napkin peeps, I'm Christine from just bella! I'm pretty happy to pop over here today and keep Erinn's blog company while she's away. I'm also super jealous Erinn is jet setting around Europe right now! From reading Erinn's blog I can tell we have a lot in common: our love of travel, food, shopping and now, babies. I had a beautiful baby girl in November and becoming a mom is by far one of the best things I've ever done. 

 Erinn asked me if I had any momma advice and all I can say is you will get a lot of advice along the way. Advice from family, friends, strangers on the street.... it can be overwhelming. When it comes down to it, you'll know what is best for you and your baby and it's kinda fun figuring it all out along the way (most of the time). With that said, I can never resist a little virtual shop so here are a few things we are loving lately that make life just a bit easier, more fun and of course, more stylish.
one. Matt and Nat Hopper Diaper bag. This is diaper bag number two for me and I love, love, love this one!
two. Sophie is great and all but it's the leash here that's important. Trust me the dropping it, picking it up game gets old. Fast.
three. My go-to gift for pregnant friends/new moms. One line a day is usually manageable.
four. Renee & Jeremy, baby music that doesn't suck.
five: I just bought this for Alice. I love having so many great affordable (and stylish) shopping options - gap, h&m, joe fresh, zara.
six. Tiny Toms. I can't resist.
 seven. Now that I have an eater on my hands this portable lunch tote is a must.
eight. These bamboo swaddle blankets are the best all round blanket. Soft, breathable and I use them for everything.

 Thanks so much for having me, Erinn, I hope you're having an amazing trip! 
 Best of luck with all things baby! 
And Thank you so much Christine for stopping by and helping me out while I'm away :) Your picks, as usual, don't disappoint and have me very excited for the little babe coming our way.