Monday, June 11, 2012

Oswestry, England.

Oswestry, England.
The birth place of the Bride. 
A small quant town located near the Welsh border [seriously a 5 minute drive to Wales]. We arrived safely, which was a surprise considering that I drove. On the other side of the road. Manual transmission. With no directions, GPS, or guidance. All me. 
It was a nerve racking experience, and although the drive from the Ferry through Wales was absolutley the most stunning drive I've ever taken, it's one that I never want to personally drive again. I would gladly sit passenger anytime, but driving is out. That was scary.
Proof. Right-sided driving. 
Once we arrived in Oswestry, we joined the bride and groom at a Welcome Fish & Chips party. It was great to meet everyone and helped to get our minds on the upcoming nuptials. It was also so nice for me to see my best's hometown and put some faces to names from all the stories I've heard over the years.
Over the next couple of days, we filled it with a few wedding prep details [although we got off our duties pretty lightly as the bride is super organized - yay Fi!], walked around the beautiful super-friendly small town, and visited with old and new friends. Peter and the boys also shared in a few more pints....Big surprise.
 Oh and we attended a certain spectacular Wedding ;)
The weather wasn't the best during our stay, but the spirits where high. It rained each day and we really got a feel for what the English go through. We bought an umbrella. Our friends bought rain boots. And our suitcases got heavier from the damp, wet air.
I may have had [did have] one day of grumpiness, but when you go non-stop for a 10 days straight it'll get to a pregnant lady. Besides that, all in all, a pretty cool vacation thus far and I am feeling great.
Greece [the island of Santorini to be exact] is next up on the agenda. And man-oh-man, you should see where I'm blogging from. It's pretty spectacular. Hello beaches and a ton of sun!
ps. tomorrow is going to be 36 degress C here in Santorini. If I don't come back with some sort of a tan,  I give you permission to definitely mock me.
A park in Oswestry.
Raining, but happy with his coffee.
Raining, but happy with my umbrella.
And Happy in the Rain. Together.

Us girls [fi and i] at the Fish & Chips Welcome party.
A spot of tea.
Getting out of the rain to warm up. And drenched to the core.
Wedding Rehearsal. The whole gang.


  1. Wow! Sure looks like Peter's having a good time!!lol where.are his smiles??? Erinn. I hope you aren't driivimg again. Yikes!!! That scares me. Enjoy the sun and beaches and see you in 2 weeks. Luv mom.

    1. Nope. Peter's turn to drive here in Greece, but it's on the correct side of the road, so it's been fairly easy. He's totally got the hang of it now.
      And he would like to tell you that he thinks he looks rather charming with his non-smile picture face. hehe.
      Love you.


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