Monday, June 4, 2012

.May Favorites.

Hi Friends!
So I'm currently on a Ferry, sailing over to Dublin. All safe and sound [hear that mom? no more worrying okay?]. And boy, this country sure is gorgeous! I've met back up with the boys and we're now on the second leg of our journey and I am completely in love. All the history. All the lush greenery. All the accents [phew!]. Lets just say the entire UK is one awesome place. 
So I'll post more on Scotland [the first round of this trip] and Ireland [this round] in the next couple of days, when I can get around to a few more places and get a few more pictures for you, but in the meantime here is a video I filmed the day before I left, as May has come and gone.
My May Favorites.
2] Urban Outfitters Emerald Vintage Earrings
5] Aldo Wedge Sandals
6] Garde Manger Cookbook by Chuck Hughes
11] MAC Sun Tints Liquid Lip Balm in Sea Mist

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