Saturday, June 2, 2012


Can you believe that I am finally here!?!
We arrived in Europe yesterday and I am still so freaking excited! And in LOVE!! But more on my first stop [Scotland + the Hen Party] later.......
The flight / travel was less than desirable, but what can you do? Plow forward and move on. With all the layovers and extra unneeded travel hours, it made for one long day. And to be honest, with over 11 hours, on a plane in a small confined area, with a 5 1/2 month baby belly, I was a little anxious about such a long journey. However, my husband was amazing. Totally blew me away how caring and sweet he was. He managed me [the crazy hormonal pregnant exhausted basket-case] like a champ. So cheers to Great Husbands. And Cheers to arriving at your destination.

Several movies, books, and magazines kept me and the hubs occupied on the plane, but here's some other things I've learned from this past experience on flight travel:
1. Wear a sweater. Planes are freezing, even in the summer.
2. Bring a scarf with me. And make sure it's a big one. I would so much rather snuggle up to my own scarves than the nasty airline pillows or blankets. 
3. Bring some socks....especially if you board in sandals. And knee-highs if your pregnant as your feet may swell.
4. Bring Candy/Snacks. I'm pregnant, so that's pretty self-explanatory.
5. Wear leggings. Seriously the best thing for traveling women. You put up your feet up without showing the world your goods. They're lightweight, comfy and warm.
6. Pack a big shoulder bag for your carry-on. I like to make sure mine can double as a beach bag if I'm heading anywhere warm. This is pivotal in making sure you get everything you need for a comfy journey. Also great if you are over your limit in suitcase weight and you need to throw a couple extra things in there to avoid the over-costs ;)
A back view from Edinburgh Castle. Up close and personal.
So for the next 3 weeks, while I live my dream I will be checking in with the Fancy Napkin periodically to update you on what's going on, where I am, and what's cool on this side of the pond. I also have some lovely guest bloggers lined up [some of my favorite blogs!] and I expect you're in for a severe treat from them, so make sure you check back often.
Well, my friends. I'm off to bed. It's been a very eventful day and I'm pooped right out.


  1. Oh! you'll love Edinburgh! Especially Princes Street (shopping on one side, historical landmarks on the other!) Have an amazing trip!

  2. I hope you see a little sun in Edinburgh. It makes it so much better!! Have a pimms for me! Oh wait no don't you have a little baby in the belly!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your trip. So happy you arrived safely, now go have some fun!!! Keep us updated, so we can be jealous for these next few weeks. :) And thanks for the suggestions on traveling. I like the idea of the scarf. Have fun! :)

  4. 03, 2012

    So glad to hear that you're having a great time... but not too great!!! I want you back home already!! and i miss that baby belly too!!... love mom


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