Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.Edinburgh, Scotland.

The ladies did up Scotland in style. Edinburgh to be exact. We toured on the big, red, open bus. We shopped for tartan wool scarves and knitted sweaters. And we drank the loads of tea.
We also learned some new tasty cocktails [separate post for that for sure!] and ate at some very tasty restaurants. Some of us even tried Scones with Clotted Cream and Steak & Case Ale Pie. And all of it was so delicious! I even bought a bottle of ketchup to bring home with me because it was so good. Random, but true.
First up on my Euro tour: Miss Fiona's Hen Party weekend [or stagette for us Canadians/Americans, but I've been converted and well, hen party is just really fun to say].
On the first night, after our long journey, we just decided to take it easy with a nice intimate dinner. Sort of a meet-and-greet for those who haven't met, which was really nice. Especially considering us Canadian girls had been up travelling for approx. 21 hours between all the flights/trains/taxis.
So we hit up "Cafe Rouge" where we dined on from fresh seafood and duck (for myself). It was deliciously good! I don't know why the UK gets such harsh reviews on their food. I was seriously drooling.
.jamie, fiona [the guest of honor], me.
.katie, morgan, natasha.
The next morning, we started out nice and early with a lovely pitstop at a quaint cafe.
This is where I purchased my ketchup :).  I also tried my first batch of scones with clotted cream [thanks for sharing Elsa!] and went for the traditional pot of tea. There's just something so nice about having a cup of tea in the UK.
Afterwards we boarded the red doubled-decker and toured Scotland from the roof. We saw Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace [the Queens residence] amongst other things.
morning brunch with our lovely bride to be, miss fiona
niki & rhian. our lovely british girls!
edinburgh, scotland.
me and rhian. and my new scottish red scarf
edinburgh bus tour
holyrood palace, the queens residence
edinburgh castle

We also got behind the bar and took part in a cocktail making class, where we mixed and tossed back drinks like pros. I [only sadly] smelled all the delicious concoctions as they wafted by me, but took home all the recipes and will post a step-by-step soon. I promise. Some of the ways he added ingredients and different flavors to traditional drinks was really cool and got rave reviews from the girls.

Later on we got all gussied up in our all-black attire, played some funny bridal games, and headed out to dinner. We sat in a traditional scottish ghullie-dhu, ate more yummy food and the girls sipped on copious amounts of wine. Then we danced the night away.
fi and "james"
eating in the ghillie-dhu
dancing queen
Even little baby T got some love from the ladies :)
baby t love


  1. What a fun trip!! Love the last baby love photo!

  2. terri (mom, grandma)June 06, 2012

    Looks like you guys had a great hen party for Fi!! James and Fi's big day is this Saturday and wish them all the best!! Are all those lovely ladies getting to feel my new grandbaby kick before me :( lol


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