Saturday, June 9, 2012

.Dublin, Ireland.

Just enjoying a cone in the Temple Bar area.
Oh sweet Ireland. 
After finally meeting back up with my husband last Sunday [i kinda missed him like crazy in Scotland. And I missed his muscles to carry my suitcase even more ;) ], we boarded a ferry and headed for Ireland. Dublin to be exact.
The pictures in this post will have to speak for themselves as I have to keep this short, but needless to say 'That place has something about it'.
We did the Jameson Distillery tour, visited the Temple Bar area where the boys sipped on some Guiness, ate Irish stew, enjoyed a lot of sight-seeing, toured Dublin Castle, and did some shopping.
Irish Ferry ride.
Just a little shopping.
Enjoying a pint.
Stopping for a beverage.
Self portrait at Dublin Castle.
Dublin Castle
Sight-seeing and getting [a little] lost.
On another note, yesterday we attended Mr. and [now] Mrs. Ellington's wedding and it was pretty darn special.
Everything about it was beautiful. The place, the bride, the people who attended. Gosh, there sure was a lot of love in that room.
So happy for them.


  1. Kelsey OstromJune 10, 2012

    Glad you're having fun sis. When is Greece?

    1. Having a blast! We're in Greece right now and I'm working on getting the million pictures we've taken so far downloaded and posted up. Also working on the wedding pic's, but it's a slow process. Hope you're doing well in E-town.
      Love you sis.

  2. terri (mom)June 10, 2012

    Maybe you should have looked up your grandpa norms cousins who live in ireland. You've got that spot of irish in your blood honey!! Sounds like you're having a great trip!!

    1. Didn't even know we had cousins in Ireland (what a relative I am hey!?), but yes, I felt the Irish slipping out every now and again. Wish I could have indulged into some of those irish pints ;)


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