Wednesday, May 30, 2012

.How to Work a Summer Silk Hair Scarf.

[all headbands shown above are via topshop]
Like I mentioned on monday, I wanted to show you my newest and [fast becoming] favorite way to style my hair. It's messy, easy and completely unfussy, which in my opinion is just the way summer hair should be.
Here I've so expertly modelled [heavy note of sarcasm] 4 totally different ways to work it this summer.
1. Long and Loose    2. Relaxed and Up    3. Braided and Down    4. Top-knotted and Messy
Really, just a touch of everything.
Hope it inspires you to try it out. 
What's your favorite look or way to style it?

Monday, May 28, 2012

.Summer: Wish List.

With the summer fast approaching [amen!] I am craving bright colors, loose light layers, and small accessories. Also ridiculously cute sandals.
These items that I sourced are all under the $50 buck mark and would be just about perfect for anything......lying on a beach, heading into the office, doing a little sightseeing or just for a lazy day in the sun.
I also love the idea of hats this summer with my hair tied in a loose bun, side-knot or braid. Natural and Unfussy.
Or a sloppy ponytail and a cute headband/silk scarf. Which just gave me an idea....damn, now to source out silk scarves/headbands......stay tuned.....I may or may not have an easy summer hair tutorial tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last night Hubby and I begun our packing and organizing for Europe [more to come on that headache later]. Right before bed mind you.
So Europe was on this girls mind when hopping into bed. And you know how they say that pregnant women experience crazy dreams? Well, that stereotype is absolutely correct.
Here's what I woke up remembering [no word of a lie]:
I was in an English supermarket buying some flowers for whatever reason, and happen to get into Kate Middleton's till line [yes, the duchess of cambridge and yes, she worked at the grocery store on the tills]. Anyways, we totally hit it off. Chatting like old school chums, laughing, friend flirting, and just all around instant BFF's. I try calling her Catherine, but she tells me to call her Kate [it's what her friends call her and I should do the same. Because, you know, we're BFF's and all].
So I casually ask her for directions to get back to my hotel....and well, it turns out as luck would have it that she was getting off work at that exact time and could give me a lift in her car. All the way to Oswestry!
What luck, right?!
So there it was. Me and Kate Middleton. Instant Bff's. Chatting away. Me even giving Kate a little advice to wear her hair different more [because lets be honest, the long soft curls could really use a break and a little updated work]. Kate chauffeuring me around England in her [beat up!] car, the tunes blasting and the window's down. My own private tour of England.
Then the best part. She offers to lend me a couple dresses to wear to Fiona + James' wedding activities. So we make a little pit stop at her place [an small funky tea house looking thing that she shares with Willy] and I pick out the following outfits for the various events in my bridesmaid duty schedule. And wouldn't you know it, THEY ALL FIT!
As you can see, James + Fiona are very posh and I apparently needed 4 outfits for the various wedding related events that we would be required at. Very posh indeed!
That's when I woke up. Me in these glorious gowns, all fitted perfectly and looking like a million bucks. Or like a Blonde Princess.
Sigh, What a dream. 
And I'm left longing for more.....Those damn BFF royals. They get me every time. 
And While I usually don't get too googly-eyed over the Royals {or even many celebrities for that matter] the fashion-loving-side of me would say it was a near perfect dream. With the exception of me meeting, and then marrying, the hot wild ginger-haired little brother, Prince Harry [sorry husband].....but we'll save that for next time [and preferably after I'm done reading the last Fifty Shades of Grey! sorry Christine! don't cut me out completely, lol]
I'd also say, I'd better brush up on my English royal trivia. Fast.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

.Baby Things: Spoilt.

Just wanted to share some of the adorable things I've already picked up for our little one.
I just can't help myself! This is going to be one very spoilt little babe.
And it's a good thing we're keeping things gender neutral, or could you imagine the damage i could really do if i knew what this little lime is? Oh dear......
So friends, what's your favorite children's toy?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

.Summer, Reading, A Bench, Lovers, and a Bump.

books. belly. sunshine. holding hands. and my lover.
I so cannot wait for a little of that this summer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

.At 19 Weeks.

[SHOP] jeans: Asos Maternity {similar non-preggo} | shirt: an old one I had lying around | sweater: H&M {similar} | belt: thrifted | sandals: Aldo {last year} {similar}
Yesterday I just realized that I haven't done a pregnancy update, let alone posted any pictures of my sweet little babe, aka: The Baby Bump, which has finally started to make an appearance
[Although to be honest, it still kinda looks like an extra bit of chub....]
And can you believe that I'm already 19 weeks, which translates to a week shy of 5 months for all you non-preggo people out there who don't feel like doing the math. Geez louise time is flying!!
So here's some pictures hubby quickly snapped before heading out the door last saturday to a friends bbq we attended. Not the most spectacular of pictures, but you get the idea.
And yes, those are mint maternity jeans. That I just adore.
at nineteen weeks:
::i'm positively glowing. this is such an amazing experience to go through. i actually love being pregnant now
::i'm [only slightly] craving apples. and pickles. 
::i'm excited for our ultrasound [scheduled next week]. like sooo excited to see this peanut. so excited!
::i'm feeling amazing. this is much better than the first round {months 1 - 3, where i couldn't lift my head from exhaustion].
::maternity clothes are starting to move solidly into the rotation. my growing babe sure knows how to eat as of this last week. but hello elastic waists!
::i've lost 5lbs since last month's checkup. sort of mystified by that one, since the belly is definitely growing bigger.
::i'm getting ridiculously excited about our euro trip. london, manchester, paris, dublin, edinburgh, nice, and santorini here we come.
::i'm also prepping for the long flight ahead of me. that's something i'm definitely not looking forward too. 
::i'm starting to lather on the belly oil and cream.
::i'm patiently waiting to feel our babe's first kick. "hello little nugget. momma sorta wants to feel you in there so you have my permission to give a good high kick. but please don't hurt me too much. love mom"

Monday, May 14, 2012

.My Own {Sort of} Mother's Day.

{check out that bump. it just popped overnight!}
I'm one pretty lucky girl. 
And my husband is one pretty great man.
On sunday I woke up to my own little celebration for mothers day, which included an ever-so-sweet homemade mother's day card, flowers, a future date for a pregnancy message and pedicure from sweet momma {good-bye sore back!} and a bunch of kisses for my belly.
Baby T and Daddy sure know how to spoil a lady and make her feel loved.
See, I was a little unsure how to feel about this new thing called Motherhood. And how to celebrate today. I mean, it felt like I was cheating a little since I don't actually have a little one to hold in my arms just yet, however, after spending such a lovely day with my own mother {and later in the evening, with my MIL} I knew that I was totally okay with the idea and actually cannot wait to be called a "Mama" of my own. 
And that day will be alllright in my books.

I hope all you momma's and soon-to-be momma's spent the day with the people who make you smile.
I know I did.
[my sis + mama]
[me n' my beauty of a mom]
[Momma's whole side of the Family]

Thursday, May 10, 2012

.Edmonton Review: Vivo.

I've been sitting on this post for a while now.  Months in fact, and not for any good reason besides the fact that I've been a little lazy lately. I guess brewing up a baby will do that to you.
Anyways, for those of you who don't reside in the Edmonton area or have no reason to visit anytime soon you may find this post a little boring [and the pictures salivating]....however, for you Edmonton folks I highly recommend checking this place out the next time you're wondering what's for dinner.
It's a little place called: Vivo.
See our couple's date group {and I say 'couple's date group' not because we actually have a club or group of any sorts but because essentially if we're heading out to dinner in a group, this is who's coming} have been meaning to get into this place for ages, but could never get a reservation. This place is busy and you must go in a group, which is not a rule but highly recommend. Its family style eating [family style = big platters of food all shared as a table] and serves up some of the best Italian you've ever tried. Even the pasta is homemade. yum.
The interior is dark, but inviting and you can dress up or down. Whatever your pleasure [i do recommend dressing a little nicer however. But then again, any excuse to get dressed up is a-okay in my books!]
And the wait staff know their food and wine.
We had just a lovely evening with some very good company and just writing this post is now making me crave a little warm grilled caesar salad. Mmmmmmm.
Highly recommended!
warm grilled caesar salad.
the men.
parpadelle. my fav.

the ladies. with our glorious winter tans ;)

fettucine alfredo. amazing.
the extra touches.
the surf n' turf platter. not it's actual real name, but a little mix of fish and farm.
up close and personal. whitefish + lamb + chicken + steak + salmon. and brussel sprouts.
open action.
vivo: 18352 lessard road nw, edmonton, ab

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

.Spoiling Your Momma.

Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 13th! this sunday!!) and I thought I'd put together a couple pretty things that I think any mother would love. Especially if your momma is stylish like both of mine are [and to be honest, who wouldn't love any of these items for themselves!]
Hope this may help you a little in the gift department because I know my hard working and awesome momma's deserve a little spoiling this sunday.
7 | YSL Volupte Lipstick. In the shade mauve taupe #3.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

.Time This Weekend. And Weddings.

[my wedding. july 24. 2010. photo via.]
This weekend I had a bunch of extra time on my hands so I spent most of it by doing three things:
1] Thinking way too much. Pretty self explanatory. Evaluating things that are important and things that aren't. As I've said before, I have a lot of 'cleaning' to do.
2] Prepping and preparing for our Euro trip. Since Peter had to work for most of it and I was under strict orders to NOT SHOP, I basically prepped, researched and made list after list.
Things to do, Things to pack, Things to remember.
3] Surfing all things weddings. Since this is the original reason we are flying across the continent. And that turned to me thinking about my own wedding. I sat for a good hour and thought about our gorgeous day. It was purely magical. Everything we thought it would be and more.And I wouldn't change those memories for the world.
 Of course, there were a couple places where we'd make a few small changes [as no wedding is perfect], like maybe having a more intimate guest list, making sure to not forget my overnight suitcase in the limo, and perhaps book a cleaning crew for the next morning, but all in all it was pretty darn cool and I can't complain much.
But then, there's pinterest. Oh sweet pinterest. With me surfing around and with so many ideas floating in that site I couldn't help but think about the other themes that I was considering. Ideas and decorations completely different from what we went with. An entirely different "theme". It had me dreaming of planning another day with all the same love and fun of our actual wedding, but with different colors and adding a little softness to it.
Here is a description of what my 'other' wedding would have looked like.
With me standing beside the exact same man. 
I'd consider the color champagne and I'd let all my bridesmaids wear different dresses in soft shades of it. Maybe get them into long flowy styles. I'd use delicate, pretty flowers like gardenia's and peonies. I'd still go with long soft curls, but maybe pull a little more off my face. I'd wear lace. I'd roll with a little vintage. I'd book the same photographer and caterer. I'd keep the same venue, but decorate in soft lights and hanging drapes. I'd perhaps adorn pearls for my earrings. The men would be in grey for sure. And perhaps have bowties. Candles would be lit everywhere. I would dance more with my husband.
We would, however, keep the same smiles as we did on July 24, 2010.
Doesn't it sound so soft and romantic? I can envision it now and it's one dream that I can maybe push onto my sister when she is ready [and of course only if she wants it. Sorry, mind is already working overtime for you sis]
 In the meantime and back in reality land, we have another wedding to attend very soon. And it is going to be just as beautiful too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

.April Favorites.

May is here and that means it's time for my April favorites video.
This short and sweet post is a glimpse into what I couldn't get enough of this past month.
SHOP: Melanie Auld Layla & Amy Earrings and Artemis Ring | Stella & Dot Palamino Necklace and Capri Turquoise Earrings | Anthropologie Pinto Cuff | Game of Thrones Book Series | Bath & Body Works Candle in Midnight Pomegranate | Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla Tea | Bottle Green Cranberry Orange Beverage | Organics Rice and Sesame Cakes with Chocolate | Benefit Coralista Blush | YSL
Volupte Sheer Candy Lip balm in #10 Tangy Mandarin ***CORRECTION: it's #10 NOT #1**** | MAC Sheen Supreme Lip glass in Imperial Red

As I'm always looking for new products to try out, are there any products that you can't get enough of?
Please leave a comment below as I'd love to check them out.