Monday, May 28, 2012

.Summer: Wish List.

With the summer fast approaching [amen!] I am craving bright colors, loose light layers, and small accessories. Also ridiculously cute sandals.
These items that I sourced are all under the $50 buck mark and would be just about perfect for anything......lying on a beach, heading into the office, doing a little sightseeing or just for a lazy day in the sun.
I also love the idea of hats this summer with my hair tied in a loose bun, side-knot or braid. Natural and Unfussy.
Or a sloppy ponytail and a cute headband/silk scarf. Which just gave me an idea....damn, now to source out silk scarves/headbands......stay tuned.....I may or may not have an easy summer hair tutorial tomorrow.

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  1. I love hats too - I always buy a ton for the kids, but none for me. I think a floppy hat is in my future :)


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