Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last night Hubby and I begun our packing and organizing for Europe [more to come on that headache later]. Right before bed mind you.
So Europe was on this girls mind when hopping into bed. And you know how they say that pregnant women experience crazy dreams? Well, that stereotype is absolutely correct.
Here's what I woke up remembering [no word of a lie]:
I was in an English supermarket buying some flowers for whatever reason, and happen to get into Kate Middleton's till line [yes, the duchess of cambridge and yes, she worked at the grocery store on the tills]. Anyways, we totally hit it off. Chatting like old school chums, laughing, friend flirting, and just all around instant BFF's. I try calling her Catherine, but she tells me to call her Kate [it's what her friends call her and I should do the same. Because, you know, we're BFF's and all].
So I casually ask her for directions to get back to my hotel....and well, it turns out as luck would have it that she was getting off work at that exact time and could give me a lift in her car. All the way to Oswestry!
What luck, right?!
So there it was. Me and Kate Middleton. Instant Bff's. Chatting away. Me even giving Kate a little advice to wear her hair different more [because lets be honest, the long soft curls could really use a break and a little updated work]. Kate chauffeuring me around England in her [beat up!] car, the tunes blasting and the window's down. My own private tour of England.
Then the best part. She offers to lend me a couple dresses to wear to Fiona + James' wedding activities. So we make a little pit stop at her place [an small funky tea house looking thing that she shares with Willy] and I pick out the following outfits for the various events in my bridesmaid duty schedule. And wouldn't you know it, THEY ALL FIT!
As you can see, James + Fiona are very posh and I apparently needed 4 outfits for the various wedding related events that we would be required at. Very posh indeed!
That's when I woke up. Me in these glorious gowns, all fitted perfectly and looking like a million bucks. Or like a Blonde Princess.
Sigh, What a dream. 
And I'm left longing for more.....Those damn BFF royals. They get me every time. 
And While I usually don't get too googly-eyed over the Royals {or even many celebrities for that matter] the fashion-loving-side of me would say it was a near perfect dream. With the exception of me meeting, and then marrying, the hot wild ginger-haired little brother, Prince Harry [sorry husband].....but we'll save that for next time [and preferably after I'm done reading the last Fifty Shades of Grey! sorry Christine! don't cut me out completely, lol]
I'd also say, I'd better brush up on my English royal trivia. Fast.


  1. I'm not a big royalty person, but I absolutely love her style. Impeccable and classy.

    1. I was more worried about reading Fifty Shades of Grey ;)

    2. Hahahaha- I'm practicing ignoring references to the book! If I had to cut out everyone who read it I'd be left with just men in my life.

  2. I love your dream. How exciting to have her for your BFF...not to shabby. :) Have a wonderful and very safe trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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