Thursday, May 10, 2012

.Edmonton Review: Vivo.

I've been sitting on this post for a while now.  Months in fact, and not for any good reason besides the fact that I've been a little lazy lately. I guess brewing up a baby will do that to you.
Anyways, for those of you who don't reside in the Edmonton area or have no reason to visit anytime soon you may find this post a little boring [and the pictures salivating]....however, for you Edmonton folks I highly recommend checking this place out the next time you're wondering what's for dinner.
It's a little place called: Vivo.
See our couple's date group {and I say 'couple's date group' not because we actually have a club or group of any sorts but because essentially if we're heading out to dinner in a group, this is who's coming} have been meaning to get into this place for ages, but could never get a reservation. This place is busy and you must go in a group, which is not a rule but highly recommend. Its family style eating [family style = big platters of food all shared as a table] and serves up some of the best Italian you've ever tried. Even the pasta is homemade. yum.
The interior is dark, but inviting and you can dress up or down. Whatever your pleasure [i do recommend dressing a little nicer however. But then again, any excuse to get dressed up is a-okay in my books!]
And the wait staff know their food and wine.
We had just a lovely evening with some very good company and just writing this post is now making me crave a little warm grilled caesar salad. Mmmmmmm.
Highly recommended!
warm grilled caesar salad.
the men.
parpadelle. my fav.

the ladies. with our glorious winter tans ;)

fettucine alfredo. amazing.
the extra touches.
the surf n' turf platter. not it's actual real name, but a little mix of fish and farm.
up close and personal. whitefish + lamb + chicken + steak + salmon. and brussel sprouts.
open action.
vivo: 18352 lessard road nw, edmonton, ab


  1. My mother and father in law have gone to Vivo a few times and have recommended it as well.. Need to get there!

    1. Oh Chelsea - You must! It was really nice. Go with a group though....then you get to sample a bunch of everything. Hell, we should get some girlfriends together and go!

    2. That sounds so great! ... But I'm pretty sure I'll have little Millie tagging along for quite some time still! Sigh, babies! Gotta love 'em

    3. Oh, I have no issue with sweet little millie tagging along. In fact, I can work on my baby skills a little ;)
      Lets set something up for when I'm back from Europe. And for real.

    4. Why am I JUST seeing this?!? Gah! Yes please :)

  2. ohh thanks for the review. I love trying new restaurants..and I'm a huge sucker for presentation so that place looks right up my ally!

  3. This food looks incredible. Thanks for torturing me. :) Certainly wish I were in the area. What a great place to visit with good friends and a relaxed evening.


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