Tuesday, December 31, 2013

.2013 in review & a happy new year.

"as the world makes a countdown to the new year, may you be wise enough to count only the blessings you have been showered with, the friends you have made, and the joys you've received in the past year" --author unknown
while i completely missed the deadline to get out my annual christmas cards this year [sorry friends!], minted helped me creatively come up with a way to say 'cheers' [and a 2013 recap] with something completely different - happy new year cards!!
brilliant, if you ask me!

and while i probably should have posted this last week when i received them giving you enough time to order your own, i really wanted to share what an incredible product minted created for us. the paper is top notch. the customer service is even more incredible. and it was so easy to use, with super fast shipping. bonus!
i know i'll be creating all my cards in the future with minted and highly recommend! stay tuned for a valentines day edition created by jack :). it's really adorable.

i also didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year from my family to yours. we expect big things for 2014, and i can't wait for the fresh start a new year brings.
*i've partnered with minted and affiliate links have been used, however all opinions are my own and i genuinely really like their products!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

.travel: toronto, for h&m.

well, my friends. it's officially out! actually almost 3 weeks ago now! our much anticipated december issue of 'today's parent' magazine featuring yours truly for h&m! ok well, featuring my little family [not just me] because lets be honest...it was jack who actually pushed us through to the winning circle!
but seriously, sooooo awesome, right?!?
i have wanted to post about our experience about a ba-jillion times, but due to a request to keep things hush-hush till the issue landed, i was forced into silence. which was okay because it was so exciting just waiting to share it with you all.

i should start out by mentioning that h&m and rogers media are total top-notch companies. i mean, they treated our family like royalty right from day one! from all the emails back and forth setting up our trip, to checking in as "the winning h&m fashion family" [true story, that' s how the front desk at the fairmont royal york announced us!], to the seamless day of shooting - it was all a dream. completely above and beyond anything we imagined! so thank you x a million for the memories trade from these two companies.

on the day of shooting the ad, which was located in the 'royal suite' at the toronto fairmont royal york hotel [it was the same room as where queen stayed!], we were introduced to the most amazing team for the day. and much to our surprise, there were about 25 people involved! i seriously wish i could package each and every single one of them to take home with me. from the director, the photographer, his assistants, hair and make-up, wardrobe stylists, set designers, h&m management, roger's media assistants, hired models and even a nail lady; all were so incredibly kind. 

we were ushered straight into wardrobe. shay, our stylist and her assistant had us try on outfit after outfit till we were just right. our make-up team jodi and diana, and hair [dream] stylist sheri made us look way better than we've ever looked, and our photographer michael williams [seriously this guy is legit! he's shot beyonce, alicia keys & january jones; supermodels heidi klum, daria & coco rocho; done ads for levi's & abercrombie, just to name a few! i was starstruck!] directed us to put 'this foot forward' and 'that hand on your hip' till it fit his vision. such a well oiled machine of a team.

after the day long shoot, we celebrated with a big ol' glass of wine [or a few of them!] with the crew. and jack celebrated with a much deserved sleep. it was a memory that will live on long in our heads and bring us a smile every now and again. it was truly a once in a lifetime experience and i am so grateful that we got to experience it.

and thanks to you all, for helping us get there.
in captions: you could say that jack's first plane ride was a success! // wardrobe // getting my make-up done by miss jodi. she's simply incredible, just saying // 1/2 way there and setting the products // prep and positioning time for the models, aka. our fake family! // behind the scenes and the other half of the room [the magic makers!!] // sneak peek // peter having a little liquid lunch break.  quote "helps loosen his mood" // hair ready. make-up ready. time to work!
snuggling on the queen's bed. 
yes, she slept right here....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

.gift guide 2013, for me.

[one] gold flatware set || i have been eyeing this beautiful set of gold cutlery for about 3 years now and think this might be the year i should just bite the bullet and purchase. i've been looking for an awesome set of cutlery to serve when we have guests over, or just for those nights when i want to feel extra fancy.
[two] la mer moisturizer || yes, super expensive. yes, it's an absolute treat. and yes, i need to try it. as we age, i truly have begun to notice that the good stuff is what is helping my skin stay and feel as healthy as can be. the $15 drugstore face creams that i have used in my 20's just aren't cutting it anymore and i personally want to try to hang onto my youth for as long as i can muster. it pays to start early.
[three] the infamous stendig wall calendar || a piece of art and a calendar in one! everyone's seen it and i really want it too! i also know how perfect it would look in our house, so it's a must have for me! hint hint pete ;)
[four] sonia kashuk limited edition gold make-up brushes || this set has all the good brushes and it comes in gold. sold.
[five] poppy barley custom flats || while there's about a million inches of snow on the ground i just can't help but be so much more partial to poppy barleys flats than the boots [although i truly love their thought process behind the boots - made to fit all shapes and sizes!]. and since these shoes are great for both work and play, i figure i can handle a little snow in my shoes, especially if they look and feel like these babies. i simply can't get enough of these flats. or these. or these. or these. hell, i'll take them all ;)
[six] melanie auld pave marquis in green || again, this girl! perhaps i have a little crush? on this necklace too. perfect layered or alone, this piece is the perfect length and a perfect work of art.
[seven] wood toaster || our toaster had an unfortunate trip to the garbage this week, and we seriously need a new one. this one has my name all over it with it's sleek modern design and those wicked awesome wood panels on the end. i'm also treating myself and getting the 4 slicer. with our growing family, it's a must!
[eight] gorjana & griffin high line cuff || a cuff that's both dainty and bold. and can be worn two different ways. that's a win win all around! i prefer the black one, but the white is pretty darn nice too.
[nine] melanie auld pave glam studs || you'd think i have shares in her company as i promote her so damn much, but their is a very simple reason why i do...i just completely and totally love her designs. clean, simple, with a touch of glam. you can wear any of her collection dressed up or down, which to me is the simply the best. and she's canadian! what can i say? i love shopping local ;)
[ten] baies diptyque candle || the candle to have, and i don't...so this is high on my wish list! although a slightly hefty price tag for a candle, i heard it's worth every single cent and fills your room with the most heavenly scent of berries.
[eleven] west elm copper pots || just perfection. i certainly wouldn't mind cooking every night with these babies.
[twelve] gold serving spoons || goes with my gold cutlery and would look mighty pretty styled on a table.

and here are some other great finds that would suit my fancy just fine:

*contains some affiliate links, however as usual, thanks for supporting those companies that support fancy napkin.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

.gift guide 2013, for pete.

peter is getting more and more difficult to buy for. i find that he isn't into frivolous things, hates 'junk' [aka. trinkets, which i love!], he's not really into gaming or electronics, and buys any clothing items that he needs throughout the year. so when gift giving for him comes around [father's day, our anniversary, his birthday, and christmas] i usually want to hide under a rock.

that being said, here are some very cool items that i think would suit his fancy just fine. unique items that he may not have heard about or something a little extra special.

[one] bose noise cancelling headphones || pete is a music lover. and likes it loud, much to my old ears' dismay. these would solve all issues and keep that man very happy.
[two] shoe shine brush || one of peter's many quirks is how well he maintains his dress shoes. this would also help and be a perfect stocking stuffer for a proper gentleman.
[three] mason jar cocktail shaker || are you as serious about the mason jar trend as we are? this would be most excellent to add to the collection.
[four] belt || this worked in leather belt is lovely.
[five] espresso machine || we've been looking for a espresso/coffee machine for quite sometime and this year we may actually be able to brew more than a single cup at a time! halleluha! however question is, does this crazy machine brew coffee too? anyone? i'm the worst.....but it sure is pretty. and i guess this is kind of a gift for me too ;)
[six] blanket || this throw has such a beautiful hudson bay inspired feel to it and it's also manly enough to display all year long. while pete might not be into decor all that much, i know he'd snuggle under this warm and beautiful blanket night after night.
[seven] forest handkerchief set || ever gentleman needs a hanki. and i'm all about a neatly folded pocket square too, which these could brilliantly double as!
[eight] camo socks || while a little on the pricey side for socks, it would certainly be a treat! and isn't that what presents are all about? treating someone on something they may not normally purchase?
[nine] stubble & 'stache beard moisturizer || i adore my man with a little extra shadow and fuzz on his face and this cream is meant to moisturize his skin underneath the hair, which usually gets a little itchy and forgotten about. a little extra tlc never hurt anyone.
[ten] mug || who wouldn't want to wake up to this? 

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Monday, December 9, 2013

.gift guide 2013, for jack.

now that it's the first week of december and about a million other blogs have released some form of a gift guide or another, i figure i might as well jump on the band wagon and post my annual gift guide too!
this is what my sweet jack will be whispering into old jolly st. nick's ear this year. hopefully he's been a very good boy ;)

[one] ski pajamas || this is probably more for jack's daddy than anyone as he loves skiing so much, but i have a feeling our little jack will be a master of the slopes too! and these pj's are just so darn cute.
[two] wood fire station || jack loves his le van toys [he has a pirate ship & double decker bus amongst other things] and this would be just perfect to add to his little collection.
[three] faux fur sleeping bag || as noted above, jack's play teepee needs some homey items placed inside to make it all cozy and snuggly for those reading sessions jack loves. this sleeping bag is just the ticket!
[four] the little yoga mat || i mean?! right?! utterly adorable. and now jack and momma can do a little morning stretch together.
[five] love you more blanket || simply perfect. i actually want this as a keepsake it's so great.
[six] 5 string banjo || my little budding musician would love to play like his uncle luke. this may help.
[seven] camp socks || cozy camp socks. perfect!
[eight] farm to table apron set || my budding little chef already begs to be held while we prep dinner and this little apron set is just the sweetest! not to cutesie and just the right amount of awesome!
[nine] moose || just a really cute stocking stuffer.
[ten] felt campfire || jack got a play teepee for his birthday from momma and daddy. this little felt campfire would be just the greatest thing ever to situate just outside it's front opening. i can just imagine many many camping adventures in our future.
[eleven] boots || jack needs some new boots as his feet keep growing like little weeds. these are warm, lined and awesome.
[twelve] the jungle book by jennifer adams || jack actually has every single one of these books in this series and loves them all. so does his momma, so that's a win win in my books [pun intended!]. this would be a great addition, along with this one too!

*contains some affiliate links, however as always, all opinions are my own! and i thank you for supporting those companies that help make fancy napkin possible!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

.fancy napkin on instagram.

i sometimes forget that not everyone is on instagram and as addicted to it as i am. which is quite funny as i just joined myself recently. that being said here are a few things that have been going on around these fancy napkin parts that deserve a little update.
we celebrated jack's 1st birthday with a lumberjack theme || playing with new birthday presents after everyone went home || a little outfit-of-the-day inspiration, and loving my new leather skirt from h&m || my first [of many] christmas stocking hauls || brunch with my two favourite boys at cafe bicyclette located in the building peter and i where married, bonus! || more brunch snaps, this time with my boy and i || grammy and jack, two peas in a pod || walking the 'all is bright' on 124 street, and freezing our butts off || handsome little fur baby 

how jack and i spend most mornings, pushing buttons on the washer || bath time fun || when jack kindly ripped up all my beloved christmas flyers [:(], guess he takes after his father with hating those things || trimming the tree with lights || another morning ritual, playing panda || and this boys newest funny face. i adore this squishy-nosed face so much || jack lounging on his 'couch'. and he does it so well || our h&m ad in today's parent magazine. so cool to finally see it in print. beyond awesome experience and memories to last forever || this kid hates his snowsuit. i think his face here really says it all

and don't forget to follow me for daily updates [click here]. hey! you never know what that crazy kid of mine might do next, because he's just so darn rad. and i guess there may be a tad about peter and i too....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

.some online little dudette shopping.

and for the little ladies in your life, some virtual outfits to inspire your little fashionista! or little dudette's. ya, i much prefer little dudette ;)

happy shopping.
outfit 1: buffalo check shirt || skirt || shoes || hat || boots || headband || heart tights || mittens || bracelet

outfit 2:  plaid pants || bandit long shirt || boots || glitter headband || wood pancake set || navy pom scarf || noodle fox || what does the fox say book

outfit 4: mittens || dress || tights || jacket || gold shoes || backpack || barrettes || wood toy blender

*contains some affiliate links, however all opinions are my own and i thank you for supporting those companies that support fancy napkin, xo