Tuesday, December 10, 2013

.gift guide 2013, for pete.

peter is getting more and more difficult to buy for. i find that he isn't into frivolous things, hates 'junk' [aka. trinkets, which i love!], he's not really into gaming or electronics, and buys any clothing items that he needs throughout the year. so when gift giving for him comes around [father's day, our anniversary, his birthday, and christmas] i usually want to hide under a rock.

that being said, here are some very cool items that i think would suit his fancy just fine. unique items that he may not have heard about or something a little extra special.

[one] bose noise cancelling headphones || pete is a music lover. and likes it loud, much to my old ears' dismay. these would solve all issues and keep that man very happy.
[two] shoe shine brush || one of peter's many quirks is how well he maintains his dress shoes. this would also help and be a perfect stocking stuffer for a proper gentleman.
[three] mason jar cocktail shaker || are you as serious about the mason jar trend as we are? this would be most excellent to add to the collection.
[four] belt || this worked in leather belt is lovely.
[five] espresso machine || we've been looking for a espresso/coffee machine for quite sometime and this year we may actually be able to brew more than a single cup at a time! halleluha! however question is, does this crazy machine brew coffee too? anyone? i'm the worst.....but it sure is pretty. and i guess this is kind of a gift for me too ;)
[six] blanket || this throw has such a beautiful hudson bay inspired feel to it and it's also manly enough to display all year long. while pete might not be into decor all that much, i know he'd snuggle under this warm and beautiful blanket night after night.
[seven] forest handkerchief set || ever gentleman needs a hanki. and i'm all about a neatly folded pocket square too, which these could brilliantly double as!
[eight] camo socks || while a little on the pricey side for socks, it would certainly be a treat! and isn't that what presents are all about? treating someone on something they may not normally purchase?
[nine] stubble & 'stache beard moisturizer || i adore my man with a little extra shadow and fuzz on his face and this cream is meant to moisturize his skin underneath the hair, which usually gets a little itchy and forgotten about. a little extra tlc never hurt anyone.
[ten] mug || who wouldn't want to wake up to this? 

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  1. I hear you- men are so hard to buy for! I'm stumped! I asked for the "Good Morning Beautiful" mug so maybe I'll get him the matching one!

    1. yes! i also asked for the "good morning beautiful" mug and hope he gets it for my stocking too! great minds think alike :)

  2. Love these picks, Erinn! It's so true husbands get harder and harder every year to buy for! Mine always ends up just buying himself stuff before I even get a chance!

    1. Thanks Christine! Peter does that too! And then I'm left with things like buying him socks! haha! Well, he's his own enemy ;)

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