Thursday, December 5, 2013

.fancy napkin on instagram.

i sometimes forget that not everyone is on instagram and as addicted to it as i am. which is quite funny as i just joined myself recently. that being said here are a few things that have been going on around these fancy napkin parts that deserve a little update.
we celebrated jack's 1st birthday with a lumberjack theme || playing with new birthday presents after everyone went home || a little outfit-of-the-day inspiration, and loving my new leather skirt from h&m || my first [of many] christmas stocking hauls || brunch with my two favourite boys at cafe bicyclette located in the building peter and i where married, bonus! || more brunch snaps, this time with my boy and i || grammy and jack, two peas in a pod || walking the 'all is bright' on 124 street, and freezing our butts off || handsome little fur baby 

how jack and i spend most mornings, pushing buttons on the washer || bath time fun || when jack kindly ripped up all my beloved christmas flyers [:(], guess he takes after his father with hating those things || trimming the tree with lights || another morning ritual, playing panda || and this boys newest funny face. i adore this squishy-nosed face so much || jack lounging on his 'couch'. and he does it so well || our h&m ad in today's parent magazine. so cool to finally see it in print. beyond awesome experience and memories to last forever || this kid hates his snowsuit. i think his face here really says it all

and don't forget to follow me for daily updates [click here]. hey! you never know what that crazy kid of mine might do next, because he's just so darn rad. and i guess there may be a tad about peter and i too....

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