Saturday, April 30, 2011

.In Office Hours.

Another Book Club Video Review. Yaaah!
*Hope you noted the sarcasm there.
See the video reviews are fun, but also incredibly embarrassing for myself. However, I will trudge on....
This time the review is for:
In Office Hours
by Lucy Kellaway
I still say "umm" a lot, and have to find another word for 'Easy Read" (as the Husband so kindly pointed out. Thanks Honey. *Again, please note the sarcasm).
Also make note of Peter walking around in our bedroom, and the picture on the left picking up his reflection. And he just got out of the shower so he's that could have been an interesting book review!)
Hope you Enjoy!
**Ohh, and I apologize for the sound being off on the video. I tried a different camera and won't make that mistake again. Argh.**

.Date Night: Corso 32.

Last night was yet again, Date Night, for me and the Hubs.
And boy, we were seriously excited!
(Wowee, Isn't Peter looking so Handsome here! ps. my hair looked much better in person)
Now, I have to give you a little foreground for why this was an exciting night for us. And it only involves two words.
See, Hubby and I tried about two months to get into this new little hot spot of a restaurant. And we failed. Then we tried again the next week. And we failed. And so on, and so on.
It actually took us 4 weeks to get a reservation! 
And it was just the 2 of us! Which is definitely not the norm, I mean, we live in Edmonton!
Happily last night we got in, and let me tell you. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
I think at some point in the night, I declared it my new favorite restaurant.
It's THAT good.
As you enter this little gem, located just off Jasper Ave, you are instantly charmed.
 It's this modern, cool, tiny place, with about 8-10 tables (Seriously, it's that small) with beautiful white walls mixed in with exposed brick. It has that minimal, loft look that I am loving in decor right now.
Hanging on the walls are these 2 very cool black & whites featuring Italian personalities (it's an italian restaurant by-the-way).

The Food is 'TO DIE' FOR GOOD. We barely drank (weird for us), and just kept ordering plate after plate. We could barely move, but we were happy.
Must note, that I LOVED that they use as many local ingredients as possible, and always change their menu (This menu was from April 26th, 2011)
FYI: Prices where very decent as well.
So here's what we had, written straight from the Menu:
Snack: smoked pork arancini (crispy rice balls), oyster mushrooms & fontina (cheese)...OMG Delicious.
Start: fried short rib, bartlett pear salad (more of an appetizer then a salad, but just amazing non-the-less)
Pasta“CARBONARA” black pepper tagliatelle, house cured pork jowl, ramps (Just WOW)
Meat: polpette (meatballs), golden raisins, pine nuts, tomato sugo (BEST spaghetti sauce/meatball I have EVER had. Sorry Dad)
Ohh how I want that scrumptious flavor in my mouth right now!

NOTE: As I was typing this post, I went to there website, and found (*gasp*) RECIPES from Chef and Owner Daniel Costa! OMG. Words, cannot describe my happiness right now. Thank You Daniel, you beautiful man. Thank you.
Recipe post to come soon.

.I am.

Thanks to here for this image :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

.Royal Wedding.

I have to do it. 
Acknowledge the Royal Wedding, that is.
Wills + Kate tied the knot today.
It happened at 3:00 am this morning for me over on this side of the pond, and although I admit, I was very excited for it, I did not get up and watch it. But I have spent some of the morning checking out the highlights from this momentous day, and have to say, Kate looked Beautiful. Classy, and every bit a Princess. I think I may have a new girl crush.
Now, I know Peter will be cringing as he reads this, because, and I quote, "he doesn't give a flying s*%t about it", but how can you not?
It's a part of history, yes, but I'm more invested in how they are feeling. I mean, I just got married last July, and I certainly remember how I felt before our Big Day. The Excitement, the Happiness, the Nerves, the Hope, the Love. And I only got married in front of 190 people. Not the 2 Billion that is estimated who watched Wills and Kate become a Duke + Duchess.
But, as usual, they were Perfect.
And I am Genuinely Happy for Them.
Cheers, you Two!
p.s. LOVE that little girls face on the bottom left.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

.So we can't speak French.

Did I mention that in a week the husband and I are off to Montreal?
Oops, well we are. 
And boy-oh-boy are we excited.
I hear that it's been called the 'Vegas of Canada'!!! 
Well, sign me up. 
Now, to be perfectly honest, I'm actually heading down for a work convention, but when opportunity knocks, we don't close the door, so husband got himself a plane ticket and off we go. We got ourselves a cute little hotel for a few extra days, and we'll make it a nice romantic getaway. 

We can't wait to:
Take a walk through Old Montreal
Shop on the trendy Saint-Denis Street & Saint-Laurent Boulevard, as well as on St. Catherine's
Eat at Garde Manger Restaurant (took us 2 months to get a reservation, 
and is home to Chef Chuck Hughes from 'Chuck's Day Off')
Visit an Art Gallery
Underground City
Become Hab's fans for exactly 5 days (cancelled, no next round for these fellas)
Check out a Jazz Club
Mont Tremblant
Campus Cafe (on St. Laurent Street, came highly recommended)
Mount Royal Lookout
St. Jospeh's Oratory
Super excited about the whole thing. well, maybe not the 6:30am departure time, but I can always sleep on the plane. Also, the only French we both know involves some ear muffs for the children. 
Ohh well!
Au Revoir!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

.No Money Shopping.

So this may be old news to a few, but I just discovered a new site called Polyvore
And it's super cool.
See, I really like to shop. And that takes lots of moolah. Money that I am supposed to be saving for our upcoming holidays, and home projects, such as landscaping the yard. 
So what to do?
Well, I believe that I have found a way to curb the habit. For now at least.
At polyvore, I can create outfits from scratch of things I would wear if I had the bazillion dollars it would cost me to have some of these gorgeous items.
So I virtual shop + Save money.
And it's fun.
Win. Win. Win.
Check out some of my creations. Not to shabby right?
This reminds me of a Spring Shopping Day.

$268 -
$95 -
2,900 GBP -
$78 -
$95 -
3.99 GBP -

And this would be a Black Tie or Wedding outfit.
Love this one. 
Black tie

$1,595 -
$895 -
$520 -
$44 -
146 EUR -
$259 -

And I love this Fire Orange Ensemble. 
Firey Orange

$80 -
$495 -
$175 -
475 GBP -
$325 -
$120 -
$8.80 -

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.Happy Birthday Pops.

happy 55th birthday dad! 
I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You're one of my most favorite people in the world to just sit down and chat with. Thanks for always working so hard to provide for us, and for giving me a hug whenever I needed one. Thanks for our weekly lunch dates; they mean so much to me. 
Thank you for always loving Kelsey and I no matter what. 
Thanks for teaching me how a lady should be treated and for being the standard of "a good man" so I would know how to find the right one for myself one day. Thanks for letting me fall asleep on your belly when I was a baby, and for playing "airplane" on your feet with us, your little girls. 
Thanks for your advice and for calling just 'cause. You're the best.

I love you Dad!

Monday, April 25, 2011

.Long Weekend Rundown.

What a great long weekend we just had!
Actually it was an extra long weekend, seeing that both the husband and I took the Monday off as well.
Hope yours was just as nice and filled with lots of Easter goodies: Chocolate Bunnies, Turkey Buns, Mini Eggs, and Family. xx
Here's a little rundown for ya all of my somewhat R&R filled Extra Long Weekend.
  • Met a cousin of mine that I didn't know even existed. 
  • Attended an art class at the Art Gallery of Alberta with some fine young women (one of our monthly ladies night activities). 
  • Made a yummy dessert. Caramel Pear Pie to be exact. See recipe here.
  • Got some work done on the deck area in preparation for our hot tub delivery next week....okay, the HUSBAND got some work done on it, but I watched (that's contributing, right?). My little wicked witch of the west....
  • Finished my book (finally....sorry book club friends, but I am finished and onto the next!)
  • Set up and snuggled in our new bedroom sheets.
  • Cleaned my house till it was sparkling. Then enjoyed it all weekend like this. I love a clean house, and it rarely is. Sorry mom. My bonus room work in progress....but it's clean!
  • Picked up some new jewellery I ordered from Stella & Dot, and saw a lovely old friend. Nik, it's been way to long.
  • Spent a wild night out, drank way too much, and caught up with a long lost traveling friend. Big Guns, it too has been way to long. xx
  • Watched Wills & Kate, the movie (ohh, yes. I did. And enjoyed it).
  • Successfully hosted Easter Dinner for the Family (19 people! Ekk!) and it turned out marvelously Delicious. See how sexxxy the husband looks when he cooks. Yummy. Yummy.
  • Ate way to many leftovers, especially turkey buns. No more turkey for this girl for a while....
  • Cuddled the pup, and showered her with smooches.
  • Also cuddled with this little sweetie, Mila.
  • Took a relaxing bubble bath and attempted a hair mask.
  • Did a little shopping with my sister, and bought our old pops a birthday present.
  • And my favorite...spent most of the week outside on my patio. Didn't even notice the ugly dirt yard. Thank you warm sunshine, thank you.
Now it's back to reality......

.Music Mondays.

People, it's Monday!
And that means it's time for some music baby!
So today we have chosen a doozy for ya. And it's not just 1 song, but an entire album. It's been playing throughout our house quite frequently, and I think you may enjoy it immensely.
It totally blows my mind.
WAR ELEPHANT by Deer Tick.
Go get it.
ps. I have today off, tongue out to all you working suckas!
'Long Time' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
BONUS x 2!
Because we couldn't choose which one we liked best. So we picked our favorite 3! SO GREAT!
'Baltimore Blues No. 1' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
'Dirty Dishes' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
(PS. Sort of a distorted sound on this video, but super cool anyways)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.diary of bella: The Snow.

Hiya Everyone,
It's me, Miss Bella here. And I just wanted to get something off my chest: I LOVE THE SNOW.  

Even if it is still here and the middle of April.

Sorry, it's true. I am definitely not hating any bit of the fluffy stuff that is still occupying my mom and dad's backyard. I mean, it's supposed to be all sunny with birds chirping (although I do like that too. Those sweet little birds don't know what's coming to them.... I like to scare them with my bark, hehe, it's so fun) but with the snow still here, I still get to roll around, find hidden balls like buried treasure, mush my face into the white fluffy abyss, and walk in areas mommy usually doesn't let me go because she can't see what I'm stepping on. It's Great!

I love the snow. I wish it would stay, and I wish mommy would stop shovelling it. That's all.

Now watch me roll.....

I live a Good Life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

.Music Mondays.

I am first going to throw out 'kudo's to the husband' for this one.
His idea entirely, and I take zero credit.
Music Mondays. 
(well I came up with the name, which I know, is very original)
Since the husband is utterly delicious at finding new, hip music of all sorts, we (he and I) are going to choose a favourite each week and post it on here to share with all you folks. 
Then you'll go out to the local record store and pick up your very own copy. Or download it off i-tunes.
Or do whatever it is you cool kids do to get your music these days.
See I am spoiled. I like good music, which can be hard to find before it is butchered on the radio, or even not played at all (well, except on CBC radio 2 (90.9 fm - which is my fav), between the hours of 7-9am (the Morning show) and then 3:30-7pm (Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry,) and I have the husband find it all for me. I do zero legwork, and only choose if I like it or not. It's that simple. 
And now it's that simple for you.
Make my Husband do all the work, and we can reap all the rewards.
Hope you Enjoy.

Without further ado: Our First Pick.
It's been out a while now, but this song just gets me moving. It has a blue-grass feel, and I'm digging it so much. 
'If It Hadn't Been For Love', by Adele.
AND because it's our first post of Music Mondays, you all get a BONUS!
And we ALL love a good bonus right?!?
Yes, another Adele song (as your can see I'm REALLLLY loving her new album) in an acoustic version. Yes, she's singing on a rooftop. Yes, it's windy out there. Yes, she oozes cool. And Yes, she still sounds Bloody Brilliant.
'Rollin' In The Deep', by Adele.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

.Baby Book Club.

Sorry, can't help it. I have babies on the brain.
First I should state that 'No, I'm not pregnant' (not yet), but many of my friends are, or have just freshly popped out cute, little, pink, mini-humans.
And I'm surrounded.
Baby, Baby, Baby.
 So since I'm doing this book club, and one of my favourite past time activities is browsing the local bookstore, this past week I found myself wondering into the children's section.
And this got me thinking about my childhood and all the wonderful books I enjoyed as a wee little tyke.
So I compiled a list of some classic's, some sillies, and all simply wonderful books that my sister and I loved. My future Little Treb's will have each and every one of these.
Am I missing some any?
The Classics (on almost everyone's list)

Robert Munsch was a regular read, especially "I have to Go!" (we thought it was so funny)
Then there's these Classics....

And Kelsey's (my sister), Ultimate Fav:
And TWO of MY Fav's growing up:

Funny side note: I asked the husband for any of his favourites from when he was little, and he replied "Polish books only", haha, my poor little immigrant.
So go now, young momma's and poppa's, and teach your little mini-humans the value of a good book rather than a video game.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.Movie Night.

Hey, Hey Book Club Lovers!
This one is for you....or anyone wanting to go see one hell of a good looking new movie:
Water for Elephants
It hits theatres April 22nd, but I'm thinking we should all get our little bums together for a Book Club Date on April 28th (it's a thursday if you were about to ask) at the Scotia Bank theatre (west ed mall).
Whatcha think? Good idea? Ya, I thought so too.
So message me below if you wanna go. Everyone's welcome to join!
K, that's all. 
p.s. I'm So Freaking Excited for this movie. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello Friends! Are you as Happy as I am that it's FRIDAY!!!
So that being said, I am takin er' easy and enjoying every minute of not having to really do anything.
So when I feel like it, I do have a couple of items that could be done this weekend:
(notice the phrase, could)

1) New table and chairs got delivered today! Yippee!! Time to set them up!
2) Also got a little delivery via the FedEx guy. New Kitchen Lights! But that's Hubby's job, ha.
3) Re-working the design on my little blog here, made some changes already. Whatcha think??
4) Cheering the husband on during Hockey playoff's. Maybe I'll sport some pom-pom's.
5) Clean house. This actually NEEDS to get done.
6) Planning our Easter dinner.....yep, we're looney-toons and hosting 18 peeps at our house this year, but more to come on that later.
7) Yard work, yard work, yard work. In preparation for our new Hot Tub delivery coming in a couple of weeks. Ohh, did I forget mention that we got ourselves a little beauty of a Hot Tub?? 
Ohh we did.
8) Catching up on some Book Club Reading (and a special shout out to Bradley B for some new suggestions! Stay tuned!)
9) An over-due Brunch date with some very lovely people. 
10) Trying out some recipes in our new Smoker.....this will also be hubby's job to cook, and I will work on the sampling part.

And I just want to leave you with a gorgeous pick-me-up that I got today. 
Some Gardenia's. 
You are my most Favorit-est of all. And you smell of Heaven.

.so true.

Those Swed's really got it right.