Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.diary of bella: The Snow.

Hiya Everyone,
It's me, Miss Bella here. And I just wanted to get something off my chest: I LOVE THE SNOW.  

Even if it is still here and the middle of April.

Sorry, it's true. I am definitely not hating any bit of the fluffy stuff that is still occupying my mom and dad's backyard. I mean, it's supposed to be all sunny with birds chirping (although I do like that too. Those sweet little birds don't know what's coming to them.... I like to scare them with my bark, hehe, it's so fun) but with the snow still here, I still get to roll around, find hidden balls like buried treasure, mush my face into the white fluffy abyss, and walk in areas mommy usually doesn't let me go because she can't see what I'm stepping on. It's Great!

I love the snow. I wish it would stay, and I wish mommy would stop shovelling it. That's all.

Now watch me roll.....

I live a Good Life.

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