Thursday, April 28, 2011

.So we can't speak French.

Did I mention that in a week the husband and I are off to Montreal?
Oops, well we are. 
And boy-oh-boy are we excited.
I hear that it's been called the 'Vegas of Canada'!!! 
Well, sign me up. 
Now, to be perfectly honest, I'm actually heading down for a work convention, but when opportunity knocks, we don't close the door, so husband got himself a plane ticket and off we go. We got ourselves a cute little hotel for a few extra days, and we'll make it a nice romantic getaway. 

We can't wait to:
Take a walk through Old Montreal
Shop on the trendy Saint-Denis Street & Saint-Laurent Boulevard, as well as on St. Catherine's
Eat at Garde Manger Restaurant (took us 2 months to get a reservation, 
and is home to Chef Chuck Hughes from 'Chuck's Day Off')
Visit an Art Gallery
Underground City
Become Hab's fans for exactly 5 days (cancelled, no next round for these fellas)
Check out a Jazz Club
Mont Tremblant
Campus Cafe (on St. Laurent Street, came highly recommended)
Mount Royal Lookout
St. Jospeh's Oratory
Super excited about the whole thing. well, maybe not the 6:30am departure time, but I can always sleep on the plane. Also, the only French we both know involves some ear muffs for the children. 
Ohh well!
Au Revoir!!

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