Saturday, April 30, 2011

.In Office Hours.

Another Book Club Video Review. Yaaah!
*Hope you noted the sarcasm there.
See the video reviews are fun, but also incredibly embarrassing for myself. However, I will trudge on....
This time the review is for:
In Office Hours
by Lucy Kellaway
I still say "umm" a lot, and have to find another word for 'Easy Read" (as the Husband so kindly pointed out. Thanks Honey. *Again, please note the sarcasm).
Also make note of Peter walking around in our bedroom, and the picture on the left picking up his reflection. And he just got out of the shower so he's that could have been an interesting book review!)
Hope you Enjoy!
**Ohh, and I apologize for the sound being off on the video. I tried a different camera and won't make that mistake again. Argh.**


  1. i did notlike this book erinn. you are giving it too much credit. easy read was right.

  2. ad Malcolm X by Alex Haley to your book club read list for black history month(feb.2012)

  3. Ohh I like that suggestion shaun!! Great idea, will do for sure!

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