Saturday, April 30, 2011

.Date Night: Corso 32.

Last night was yet again, Date Night, for me and the Hubs.
And boy, we were seriously excited!
(Wowee, Isn't Peter looking so Handsome here! ps. my hair looked much better in person)
Now, I have to give you a little foreground for why this was an exciting night for us. And it only involves two words.
See, Hubby and I tried about two months to get into this new little hot spot of a restaurant. And we failed. Then we tried again the next week. And we failed. And so on, and so on.
It actually took us 4 weeks to get a reservation! 
And it was just the 2 of us! Which is definitely not the norm, I mean, we live in Edmonton!
Happily last night we got in, and let me tell you. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
I think at some point in the night, I declared it my new favorite restaurant.
It's THAT good.
As you enter this little gem, located just off Jasper Ave, you are instantly charmed.
 It's this modern, cool, tiny place, with about 8-10 tables (Seriously, it's that small) with beautiful white walls mixed in with exposed brick. It has that minimal, loft look that I am loving in decor right now.
Hanging on the walls are these 2 very cool black & whites featuring Italian personalities (it's an italian restaurant by-the-way).

The Food is 'TO DIE' FOR GOOD. We barely drank (weird for us), and just kept ordering plate after plate. We could barely move, but we were happy.
Must note, that I LOVED that they use as many local ingredients as possible, and always change their menu (This menu was from April 26th, 2011)
FYI: Prices where very decent as well.
So here's what we had, written straight from the Menu:
Snack: smoked pork arancini (crispy rice balls), oyster mushrooms & fontina (cheese)...OMG Delicious.
Start: fried short rib, bartlett pear salad (more of an appetizer then a salad, but just amazing non-the-less)
Pasta“CARBONARA” black pepper tagliatelle, house cured pork jowl, ramps (Just WOW)
Meat: polpette (meatballs), golden raisins, pine nuts, tomato sugo (BEST spaghetti sauce/meatball I have EVER had. Sorry Dad)
Ohh how I want that scrumptious flavor in my mouth right now!

NOTE: As I was typing this post, I went to there website, and found (*gasp*) RECIPES from Chef and Owner Daniel Costa! OMG. Words, cannot describe my happiness right now. Thank You Daniel, you beautiful man. Thank you.
Recipe post to come soon.

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