Wednesday, April 27, 2011

.No Money Shopping.

So this may be old news to a few, but I just discovered a new site called Polyvore
And it's super cool.
See, I really like to shop. And that takes lots of moolah. Money that I am supposed to be saving for our upcoming holidays, and home projects, such as landscaping the yard. 
So what to do?
Well, I believe that I have found a way to curb the habit. For now at least.
At polyvore, I can create outfits from scratch of things I would wear if I had the bazillion dollars it would cost me to have some of these gorgeous items.
So I virtual shop + Save money.
And it's fun.
Win. Win. Win.
Check out some of my creations. Not to shabby right?
This reminds me of a Spring Shopping Day.

$268 -
$95 -
2,900 GBP -
$78 -
$95 -
3.99 GBP -

And this would be a Black Tie or Wedding outfit.
Love this one. 
Black tie

$1,595 -
$895 -
$520 -
$44 -
146 EUR -
$259 -

And I love this Fire Orange Ensemble. 
Firey Orange

$80 -
$495 -
$175 -
475 GBP -
$325 -
$120 -
$8.80 -

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