Monday, April 25, 2011

.Long Weekend Rundown.

What a great long weekend we just had!
Actually it was an extra long weekend, seeing that both the husband and I took the Monday off as well.
Hope yours was just as nice and filled with lots of Easter goodies: Chocolate Bunnies, Turkey Buns, Mini Eggs, and Family. xx
Here's a little rundown for ya all of my somewhat R&R filled Extra Long Weekend.
  • Met a cousin of mine that I didn't know even existed. 
  • Attended an art class at the Art Gallery of Alberta with some fine young women (one of our monthly ladies night activities). 
  • Made a yummy dessert. Caramel Pear Pie to be exact. See recipe here.
  • Got some work done on the deck area in preparation for our hot tub delivery next week....okay, the HUSBAND got some work done on it, but I watched (that's contributing, right?). My little wicked witch of the west....
  • Finished my book (finally....sorry book club friends, but I am finished and onto the next!)
  • Set up and snuggled in our new bedroom sheets.
  • Cleaned my house till it was sparkling. Then enjoyed it all weekend like this. I love a clean house, and it rarely is. Sorry mom. My bonus room work in progress....but it's clean!
  • Picked up some new jewellery I ordered from Stella & Dot, and saw a lovely old friend. Nik, it's been way to long.
  • Spent a wild night out, drank way too much, and caught up with a long lost traveling friend. Big Guns, it too has been way to long. xx
  • Watched Wills & Kate, the movie (ohh, yes. I did. And enjoyed it).
  • Successfully hosted Easter Dinner for the Family (19 people! Ekk!) and it turned out marvelously Delicious. See how sexxxy the husband looks when he cooks. Yummy. Yummy.
  • Ate way to many leftovers, especially turkey buns. No more turkey for this girl for a while....
  • Cuddled the pup, and showered her with smooches.
  • Also cuddled with this little sweetie, Mila.
  • Took a relaxing bubble bath and attempted a hair mask.
  • Did a little shopping with my sister, and bought our old pops a birthday present.
  • And my favorite...spent most of the week outside on my patio. Didn't even notice the ugly dirt yard. Thank you warm sunshine, thank you.
Now it's back to reality......

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