Monday, April 18, 2011

.Music Mondays.

I am first going to throw out 'kudo's to the husband' for this one.
His idea entirely, and I take zero credit.
Music Mondays. 
(well I came up with the name, which I know, is very original)
Since the husband is utterly delicious at finding new, hip music of all sorts, we (he and I) are going to choose a favourite each week and post it on here to share with all you folks. 
Then you'll go out to the local record store and pick up your very own copy. Or download it off i-tunes.
Or do whatever it is you cool kids do to get your music these days.
See I am spoiled. I like good music, which can be hard to find before it is butchered on the radio, or even not played at all (well, except on CBC radio 2 (90.9 fm - which is my fav), between the hours of 7-9am (the Morning show) and then 3:30-7pm (Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry,) and I have the husband find it all for me. I do zero legwork, and only choose if I like it or not. It's that simple. 
And now it's that simple for you.
Make my Husband do all the work, and we can reap all the rewards.
Hope you Enjoy.

Without further ado: Our First Pick.
It's been out a while now, but this song just gets me moving. It has a blue-grass feel, and I'm digging it so much. 
'If It Hadn't Been For Love', by Adele.
AND because it's our first post of Music Mondays, you all get a BONUS!
And we ALL love a good bonus right?!?
Yes, another Adele song (as your can see I'm REALLLLY loving her new album) in an acoustic version. Yes, she's singing on a rooftop. Yes, it's windy out there. Yes, she oozes cool. And Yes, she still sounds Bloody Brilliant.
'Rollin' In The Deep', by Adele.

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