Monday, April 25, 2011

.Music Mondays.

People, it's Monday!
And that means it's time for some music baby!
So today we have chosen a doozy for ya. And it's not just 1 song, but an entire album. It's been playing throughout our house quite frequently, and I think you may enjoy it immensely.
It totally blows my mind.
WAR ELEPHANT by Deer Tick.
Go get it.
ps. I have today off, tongue out to all you working suckas!
'Long Time' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
BONUS x 2!
Because we couldn't choose which one we liked best. So we picked our favorite 3! SO GREAT!
'Baltimore Blues No. 1' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
'Dirty Dishes' by Deer Tick (album: War Elephant)
(PS. Sort of a distorted sound on this video, but super cool anyways)

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