Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello Friends! Are you as Happy as I am that it's FRIDAY!!!
So that being said, I am takin er' easy and enjoying every minute of not having to really do anything.
So when I feel like it, I do have a couple of items that could be done this weekend:
(notice the phrase, could)

1) New table and chairs got delivered today! Yippee!! Time to set them up!
2) Also got a little delivery via the FedEx guy. New Kitchen Lights! But that's Hubby's job, ha.
3) Re-working the design on my little blog here, made some changes already. Whatcha think??
4) Cheering the husband on during Hockey playoff's. Maybe I'll sport some pom-pom's.
5) Clean house. This actually NEEDS to get done.
6) Planning our Easter dinner.....yep, we're looney-toons and hosting 18 peeps at our house this year, but more to come on that later.
7) Yard work, yard work, yard work. In preparation for our new Hot Tub delivery coming in a couple of weeks. Ohh, did I forget mention that we got ourselves a little beauty of a Hot Tub?? 
Ohh we did.
8) Catching up on some Book Club Reading (and a special shout out to Bradley B for some new suggestions! Stay tuned!)
9) An over-due Brunch date with some very lovely people. 
10) Trying out some recipes in our new Smoker.....this will also be hubby's job to cook, and I will work on the sampling part.

And I just want to leave you with a gorgeous pick-me-up that I got today. 
Some Gardenia's. 
You are my most Favorit-est of all. And you smell of Heaven.

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