Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.I want, Yes Please.

The hubby is away playing some hockey.
I am at home, and feel like shopping...sadly the stores closed 17 minutes ago (I can see husband reading this and privately thanking the powers that be). 
So I am going to do a little online browsing. See honey - I said 'browsing', not buying. YET.
Wanna see what I'm after?

I Must have this dress. I WILL have this dress. Easter best??
Maybe these earrings to go with it?
Aren't these the perfect casual sandal?
Need this bathing suit for our new Purchase. Utterly cute right?
NEED these curtains for my Bonus room. x 4 panels please.
Being that I'm from Alberta, I may need these fabulous rubbers. Hunters in Classic black.
These would pretty much go with any outfit.
Well, there you have it. A few wants for the spring season.
Maybe if I'm a good girl......

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