Saturday, April 16, 2011

.Baby Book Club.

Sorry, can't help it. I have babies on the brain.
First I should state that 'No, I'm not pregnant' (not yet), but many of my friends are, or have just freshly popped out cute, little, pink, mini-humans.
And I'm surrounded.
Baby, Baby, Baby.
 So since I'm doing this book club, and one of my favourite past time activities is browsing the local bookstore, this past week I found myself wondering into the children's section.
And this got me thinking about my childhood and all the wonderful books I enjoyed as a wee little tyke.
So I compiled a list of some classic's, some sillies, and all simply wonderful books that my sister and I loved. My future Little Treb's will have each and every one of these.
Am I missing some any?
The Classics (on almost everyone's list)

Robert Munsch was a regular read, especially "I have to Go!" (we thought it was so funny)
Then there's these Classics....

And Kelsey's (my sister), Ultimate Fav:
And TWO of MY Fav's growing up:

Funny side note: I asked the husband for any of his favourites from when he was little, and he replied "Polish books only", haha, my poor little immigrant.
So go now, young momma's and poppa's, and teach your little mini-humans the value of a good book rather than a video game.


  1. I loved Clifford! Also the Velveteen Rabbit and The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier...

  2. Good Call Maeg's! The Velveteen Rabbit, Clifford, and The hockey sweater are all fabulous! Add to the List!


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