Monday, October 31, 2011

.Halloween: Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party.

Happy Halloween Friends!!
Since Halloween this year falls on a Monday {today!}, I found it really crept up on me. I didn't even realize it was Halloween week until late last week! So sadly, I didn't really do anything too wild this year. I didn't even dress up {OH MY!}.
And if I was being completely honest, it's the one holiday that I'm not really that crazy about.
Now don't get me wrong, I do love Halloween {as most of you know, I love ALL holidays}, it's Great. You get to be someone completely different, have an excuse to do wild things, and really just dive into a dream world for a night, however, each year I find that I never really have 'Halloween' on my brain.
It just doesn't seem to compute.
I completely wish I was one of those people who think about their costumes for months, but I am usually the one running out the door and grabbing whatever is left on the shelves and paying an absorbent amount of money for it. Same goes for the themed decorating....always last minute.
That's usually my Halloween.
So when Husband asked what I wanted to do for Halloween this year, I answered "nothing".
And that's what we planned on doing.
Absolutely Nothing.
Until we decided it's not usually like us to do nothing.....
So we had a little Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party with 2 of our favorite people
 {Mr. James + Miss Fiona}.
I prepared the appetizers; Husband cooked the meal; We all carved the Pumpkins
{we also played Taboo and had a cozy little soak in the hot tub}
All-in-all, a pretty darn nice Halloween.
We sipped on some Gothic-themed reds.
And munched on some cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese appetizers {working the spooky red-blood looking theme} 
Lovely Fiona and our Pumpkins.
Even Miss Bella brought a friend.
Our chosen pumpkins.
Hard at work.
 Intense concentration.
'Fiona The Mad Carver'
Our Finished Products!
Peter's "Black Lagoon" Cocktail.....complete with Black ice!
Taboo. Girls Won {but we always win!}.

.Black Lagoon Cocktail.

picture via. Martha Stewart
Here's the cocktail Peter made for our Halloween.
It has a hint of Black Licorice for taste, 2 ounces of vodka {not that you'd ever be able to tell}, and wickedly cool Black ice.
I very much enjoyed this drink {but then again, I really like black licorice}
Hope you do too.
Here's our take on the Cocktail. A Since we didn't have black food coloring, our mixture turned out a cool, murky grey color.....Still prefect for Halloween!!!!
Recipe via Martha Stewart
Black Lagoon Cocktail
4 ounces Vodka
2 ounce Rosemary-Lemon Syrup {see below}
2 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice
Licorice Ice Cubes {see below}
Soda Water
1. Combine vodka, syrup, and juice in a cocktail shaker, stir to combine. Add soda water, and divide between two glasses filled with licorice ice cubes. Serve immediately.
Cook's Note: This drink is clear when first poured, but starts to darken as the black ice cubes melt. To make serving multiple cocktails easier, multiply and mix the vodka, syrup, and lemon juice in a pitcher. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve up to 3 hours. Pour mixture into glasses over licorice ice cubes, then top with soda water.

Rosemary-Lemon Syrup
2 Lemons
2 cups Sugar
2 cups Water
2 sprigs Rosemary
1. With a vegetable peeler, remove the peel from lemons, leaving bitter white pith behind. Combine peel plus remaining ingredients in a medium saucepan. Bring to a simmer, stirring, until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool. Strain through a fine sieve {discard solids}, and chill.

Licorice Ice Cubes
4 cups Water
2 tbsp Anise Seed
2 to 4 drops Black Food Coloring {we mixed approx. 6 drops of each red and blue because we couldn't find the black color. It turned out dark grey}
1. Bring the water and anise to a boil in a saucepan. Remove from heat; let cool 30 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve {discard solids}, then stir in food coloring. Pour into ice trays {preferably square} and freeze.

Friday, October 28, 2011

.Happy Six.

{five} Happy things on my mind this week:
Excited for Our new Paint and Wallpaper {for our bedroom}
Old, Classic movies for a quiet evening in {yes, husband will be watching at least one of these!}
Completing my office's photo-wall
{almost there....just need to add some pictures of people I actually know!! haha}
Carving and decorating some pumpkins for Halloween night {leaning towards these bad boys}
{idea found here.}
New string patio lights!
{I bought them from Pottery Barn}
Husband and I don't have a ton of plans this weekend. We're hoping to complete a couple things around the house, like painting and wallpapering our bedroom {then the reveal very soon!}, stringing our patio lights over the hot tub {bought these beauties awhile ago and they finally arrived!}, and organizing my make-up drawer {photos are coming next week!}.
I also plan on baking some scary treats for friends and family for fun! And carving the crap outta some pumpkins!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with happiness, a lot of candy, and a little spookiness.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

.One Stop Wonder.

This post isn't going to be about much, except stating the fact that Zara is KILLING it lately.
I personally want just about everything in that store.
And thank heavens they don't have on-line shopping available or sadly my 'budget' would be blown in about 5 seconds.  Scratch that, make it 2 seconds {I'd hate to lie to all you nice folks}.
So here's my current lust List. All from Zara.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.Warm Knits.

SHOP: Necklace: Joe FreshBracelets: Bardot Spiral, Grey Soiree Pave, Black Soiree Pave.
SHOP: Skirt: Joe Fresh, Shirt: Joe Fresh {similar tank}, Jacket: Shades of Grey Boutique {similar jacket}, Shoes: Zara {similar shoes}, Purse: Matt & Nat.
This skirt had me the instant I saw it.
See, colder weather always brings on thoughts of being warm and cozy, and usually I satisfy that by a chunky knitted sweater paired with leggings or jeans....that was until this skirt popped up! And in stripes!
A knitted skirt. Such a wonderful thing.
I put this on, and I'm instantly cozy. I will sometimes wear this while lounging around my house, or dress it  up and prance around the office. It does double duty, and for this price {super cheap!!} it's one of my most favorite finds.
One catch: this skirt MUST be accompanied with a hot mug of apple cider. That's a fact.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.All Laced Up.

You know what's been on my mind lately?
SHOP: Dress: Moon {similar dress}, Shoes: Expressions {similar shoes}, Necklace: Stella and Dot,
Earrings: Stella and Dot,  Purse: Melanie Auld {similar purse}.
Lovely, Classic, Soft & Feminine.
There's just something about slipping into a lace dress and feeling like a woman.
If you add some pearls, boom. Game over. 
Welcome to a whole new world, known as "Classy". You would then receive an invitation to the private Lace & Pearls club I'm thinking about starting. And I'm sure you're dying to get in. It's that Prestigious. Seriously.
And since I've been put on a budget {insert big pout here}, and since the weather is finally making me feel like it's okay to wear my 'winter clothing', I've pulled out some of my most favorite lace items from the past couple years {hear that honey.....I'm wearing last years wardrobe! ohh, the horror!}
A glimpse into my Lace Obsession......
Now even though I bought this dress last year, it's made a round about come-back because of a certain princess we all know {with a similar looking dress}.
And seriously, don't you just hate it when a princess copies you? Come on Kate, get your own class and style will ya? Even your blowing hair is mimicking mine. Geez Louise. Maybe you should all call me Princess Erinn. Yeah, I like that. Give it a try, it might grow on you....
And here is another set of pictures that I am just loving. Really shows that so-called 'Class' I claim to have....I mean, doesn't everyone in a lace dress hop into a roll of dirty pipes?
Now if only I could get my hands on this green stunner, via Scar Jo.
I'm sorry husband, but it would just have to fit into the budget. You gotta eat meat, I gotta have this dress. 
And actually this pink lace shirt would have to squeeze in there too......oh dear, I have a feeling this "budget" thing is gonna suck. big time.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Shop: Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: cable & gauge {similar sweater}, Shoes: The Bay {similar shoe}, Necklace: Melanie Auld, Earrings: Melanie Auld, Ring: Stella and Dot, Bracelet: Stella and Dot, Scarf: Vintage {similar scarf}, Purse: Matt and Nat, Lipstick: MAC Russian Red.  
My imaginary weekend went like this:
*We slept in till noon both days.
*We ate brunch at a hip new place, then came home and caught up on old fashioned movies.
*Our maid showed up and cleaned our house till it was spotless for free.
*There was no laundry to be seen.
*Husband canoodled me with love and didn't even mention work. Not once.
*We drank coffee with Bailey's, like it was water.
*We snuggled and kissed and loved all weekend long.

My real weekend went like this:
*I was up at 8 am every morning {responsibilities people! the dog needs to go for a pee!!}
*We ate what we had left in the fridge. Cereal and Tuna {no, not together...}, and some leftovers may have been involved. The movie 'Bad Teacher 'was watched instead of classics.
*Our imaginary maid did not show up, nor did my house get cleaned for free. It's still very messy.
*Laundry is still piled 6 feet high. You can come check it out. It's pretty impressive.
*Husband worked both days. And canoodled me with love via text messages.
*We drank coffee with Kahlua. Well, I did anyways. Liquor at work is a no-no.
*We snuggled and kissed and loved all weekend long {when husband was actually home}

Husband and I really did have a very quiet weekend. He worked and I basically didn't leave the house. Yeah, we lead VERY exciting lives here. Ohh, we did happen to take some outfit pictures in a nice field out by my house. That was fun. And awkward. And windy.
I also did happen to clean out my nail polish drawer. And we did visit husband's parents for wine and food. My MIL made some homemade miso soup that was too die for good.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

.Terry's Mushroom Barley.

Remember this delicious recipe?
Well, this side dish is also from the very same brilliant man, 'Terry' from Vancouver!
And you're in for another treat.....a mushroom barley that will leave you drooling.
Seriously, I've done it. When I eat this I require a bib. And a drool cloth.
Terry's Mushroom Barley
3 tbsp Butter
3/4 cup - 1 cup Fresh Mushrooms
Spices of your choice: I like Parsley + Mrs. Dash spice
Salt & Pepper
1 cup Pearl Barley
1 can Consomme soup
1 can Water
2 tbsp Dried Onion Flakes
1. Preheat oven to 325F.
2. Cut up the fresh mushrooms into slices and saute them in the butter. Add your favorite spices to get some flavor. Also add salt and pepper.
3. In a baking dish mix the pearl barley, consomme, water, onion flakes, and mushroom mixture.
4. Stir and bake, with lid ON, for 1 hour. Stir, then bake an extra 15 minutes with the lid OFF.
Serve and Enjoy!