Tuesday, October 11, 2011

.R + T (rest + turkey).

I told you this weekend would pretty much consist of eating, eating, and a little more eating.
And I was not wrong.
After our 3 turkey dinners {visited with my father, my in-law's, & my mother's side} we officially exclaimed this year a HUGE SUCCESS! {and huge, as in our 'huge stomach's'}
 We really didn't do much more than eat. Seriously.
On our way, with our contribution...AND beet stained hands!!
My Brother-in-law at Thanksgiving.
{Mom's Side of the Family} The Whole Gang!
Well, maybe we squeezed in a couple more things....Like, me pretending to be a pro photographer for this lovely little family.......
please note: I, in no way, believe that I am any good at photgraphy, however had a very fun time taking a few pictures for one of my favorite families. And I hope they enjoy them.
The pretend photographer, with an Unimpressed Presley!
......and Surprising this Beautiful Girl with a Birthday Celebration {she actually didn't have a single clue!}.........
with two of my best's, xo
Party Crew
.....meeting this pretty little one......
.......and baking a few delicious treats to snack on for the week. More to come on those later though.......

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