Monday, October 24, 2011


Shop: Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: cable & gauge {similar sweater}, Shoes: The Bay {similar shoe}, Necklace: Melanie Auld, Earrings: Melanie Auld, Ring: Stella and Dot, Bracelet: Stella and Dot, Scarf: Vintage {similar scarf}, Purse: Matt and Nat, Lipstick: MAC Russian Red.  
My imaginary weekend went like this:
*We slept in till noon both days.
*We ate brunch at a hip new place, then came home and caught up on old fashioned movies.
*Our maid showed up and cleaned our house till it was spotless for free.
*There was no laundry to be seen.
*Husband canoodled me with love and didn't even mention work. Not once.
*We drank coffee with Bailey's, like it was water.
*We snuggled and kissed and loved all weekend long.

My real weekend went like this:
*I was up at 8 am every morning {responsibilities people! the dog needs to go for a pee!!}
*We ate what we had left in the fridge. Cereal and Tuna {no, not together...}, and some leftovers may have been involved. The movie 'Bad Teacher 'was watched instead of classics.
*Our imaginary maid did not show up, nor did my house get cleaned for free. It's still very messy.
*Laundry is still piled 6 feet high. You can come check it out. It's pretty impressive.
*Husband worked both days. And canoodled me with love via text messages.
*We drank coffee with Kahlua. Well, I did anyways. Liquor at work is a no-no.
*We snuggled and kissed and loved all weekend long {when husband was actually home}

Husband and I really did have a very quiet weekend. He worked and I basically didn't leave the house. Yeah, we lead VERY exciting lives here. Ohh, we did happen to take some outfit pictures in a nice field out by my house. That was fun. And awkward. And windy.
I also did happen to clean out my nail polish drawer. And we did visit husband's parents for wine and food. My MIL made some homemade miso soup that was too die for good.


  1. i love the stella and dot touches.

  2. I love that you where able to spot them! xo


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