Monday, October 3, 2011

.Over the Weekend.

This weekend was drabby and cold. 
It even rained a little yesterday, but to be honest, I was completely all right with that, since the only plans I had where to stay in my cozy slippers all weekend long.
And that's pretty much exactly what I did. 
With the exception of heading over to our lovely friends house for dinner. That was nice. It also was a nice excuse to have to shower {your welcome honey}.
I read a book, and a couple of magazines, did a couple DIY crafts {which will also be making there blogging debut}, painted my nails...twice, watched some old movies, did a couple of hot tubs with husband, and made some treats {homemade granola, spiced pumpkin bread, and apple pie recipes will be coming at you shortly}.
Oh, and I also broke out the 'Tall Leather Boots'. Fall is finally here people.
Meal Planning
Fall Cleaning + Prep
Decisions, Decisions. Love Essie's New Fall Line....pretty much got them all.
Settled {finally} on Essie's 'Power Clutch'.
Breaking out the Tall Boots!
So Happy Monday guys! 
Curled up in my big ol' baggy sweats, blogging instead of working, sipping my tea and contemplating that shower again.....


  1. I want to see you NEW make up vanity and how you organized and set it all up!!!!!

  2. I promise! It's coming soon! Just need to finish painting my bedroom and then the reveal :)


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