Friday, October 21, 2011

.Happy Six.

One morning I was casually browsing the trusty old web, and came across this lovely blog, Bliss.
She not only had beautiful pictures and an organic feel about her blog, but she did this series that totally inspired me to do the same. It's called 'I heart Monday'. And basically it's lists of her current favorite things {or just things that make her happy}. And she so cleverly titles each, "I heart.....".
{Cupcakes and Cashmere does a version of this called Five Things, as well as my friend Nik who calls hers Super 6}.
So I am borrowing from all of these blogs, and starting my own. Hope they don't mind ;)
Here are my current "5 happy things"{or really, just things I'm loving at the moment....besides the husband, bella, family and friends}
{5 happy things}
{this Clock makes me happy. need it for my bedroom}
{this Pencil Skirt {with black top} would make me happy. want it. badly.}
Design*Sponge at Home {sold here}
{my new book, design*sponge, looks perfect on my coffee table, makes me very happy, and inspires me to do some more around the house}
Holiday Throw  in Winter White {blanket} sold here.
{cozy and gorgeous blankets make me happy in this weather}
Erinn + Jenny: Circa, 2010
{lunching with old friends, like i am about to do right after this post, makes me very happy indeed!}



  1. Cute! And no, I don't mind at all! xo

  2. I just have to say, your blog is my new favourite! It helps that you have killer style and taste..and your cooking skills blow my away. I just keep wanting to come back again and again :)


  3. Joanne! Awww, Your kind words just made my day!! Thank you very much and I hope you come back again and again! You made me smile early in the day, and I'm so not a morning person ;)


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