Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.All Laced Up.

You know what's been on my mind lately?
SHOP: Dress: Moon {similar dress}, Shoes: Expressions {similar shoes}, Necklace: Stella and Dot,
Earrings: Stella and Dot,  Purse: Melanie Auld {similar purse}.
Lovely, Classic, Soft & Feminine.
There's just something about slipping into a lace dress and feeling like a woman.
If you add some pearls, boom. Game over. 
Welcome to a whole new world, known as "Classy". You would then receive an invitation to the private Lace & Pearls club I'm thinking about starting. And I'm sure you're dying to get in. It's that Prestigious. Seriously.
And since I've been put on a budget {insert big pout here}, and since the weather is finally making me feel like it's okay to wear my 'winter clothing', I've pulled out some of my most favorite lace items from the past couple years {hear that honey.....I'm wearing last years wardrobe! ohh, the horror!}
A glimpse into my Lace Obsession......
Now even though I bought this dress last year, it's made a round about come-back because of a certain princess we all know {with a similar looking dress}.
And seriously, don't you just hate it when a princess copies you? Come on Kate, get your own class and style will ya? Even your blowing hair is mimicking mine. Geez Louise. Maybe you should all call me Princess Erinn. Yeah, I like that. Give it a try, it might grow on you....
And here is another set of pictures that I am just loving. Really shows that so-called 'Class' I claim to have....I mean, doesn't everyone in a lace dress hop into a roll of dirty pipes?
Now if only I could get my hands on this green stunner, via Scar Jo.
I'm sorry husband, but it would just have to fit into the budget. You gotta eat meat, I gotta have this dress. 
And actually this pink lace shirt would have to squeeze in there too......oh dear, I have a feeling this "budget" thing is gonna suck. big time.


  1. Love the Dolce & Gabbana dress ScarJo is wearing. Don't think my hubby would let me fit it into my budget either!

  2. that top shot is so pretty, you beautiful lady you :)


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