Monday, October 31, 2011

.Halloween: Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party.

Happy Halloween Friends!!
Since Halloween this year falls on a Monday {today!}, I found it really crept up on me. I didn't even realize it was Halloween week until late last week! So sadly, I didn't really do anything too wild this year. I didn't even dress up {OH MY!}.
And if I was being completely honest, it's the one holiday that I'm not really that crazy about.
Now don't get me wrong, I do love Halloween {as most of you know, I love ALL holidays}, it's Great. You get to be someone completely different, have an excuse to do wild things, and really just dive into a dream world for a night, however, each year I find that I never really have 'Halloween' on my brain.
It just doesn't seem to compute.
I completely wish I was one of those people who think about their costumes for months, but I am usually the one running out the door and grabbing whatever is left on the shelves and paying an absorbent amount of money for it. Same goes for the themed decorating....always last minute.
That's usually my Halloween.
So when Husband asked what I wanted to do for Halloween this year, I answered "nothing".
And that's what we planned on doing.
Absolutely Nothing.
Until we decided it's not usually like us to do nothing.....
So we had a little Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party with 2 of our favorite people
 {Mr. James + Miss Fiona}.
I prepared the appetizers; Husband cooked the meal; We all carved the Pumpkins
{we also played Taboo and had a cozy little soak in the hot tub}
All-in-all, a pretty darn nice Halloween.
We sipped on some Gothic-themed reds.
And munched on some cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese appetizers {working the spooky red-blood looking theme} 
Lovely Fiona and our Pumpkins.
Even Miss Bella brought a friend.
Our chosen pumpkins.
Hard at work.
 Intense concentration.
'Fiona The Mad Carver'
Our Finished Products!
Peter's "Black Lagoon" Cocktail.....complete with Black ice!
Taboo. Girls Won {but we always win!}.


  1. looks like so much fun. They turned out great. Hope you enjoyed your halloween!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. Thanks Stesha, it was super fun. A nice quiet evening with some lovely company. What more could you ask for really?!? Besides more wine of course ;)


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