Friday, August 30, 2013

.threads: who says you can't wear white after labour day? not this girl.

remember when i mentioned in this post here, that you need to get yourself a pair of white skinny denim jeans this summer. well, i still hold true to that statement, even moving into fall. however, the questions and concerns i got from you all with that single post was enormous. and the number one comment being, "i'm too scared to wear white pants". but i ask you this, ladies - why are you are all scared to wear white?

sure 'white' anything has a stigma that it'll add weight to your figure, or get dirty and stain, or that you can't eat in them. etc, etc. and ladies, i understand your concerns but take it from me....i have a child. i play on the floor [a lot!]. i am not stick thin. and i enjoy food immensely [perhaps, i do avoid spaghetti while wearing them...].
but ladies, white jeans rock! they basically pair well with everything thus providing endless mixing possibilities, as well as take the wear-everyday-basic-jean and turn your outfit into something fresh! i really believe that anyone can wear this trend, even after labour day, just make sure you get yourself a pair that fits well and ooze that confidence! i adore my white jeans and i hope this urges you to try them out too!

here are 4 ways i like to pair my skinny white jeans.
outfit 1 | soft and casual
sweater | joe fresh [similar style here]
necklace | stella & dot [on major sale!]
watch | fossil, gifted [similar here]

outfit 2 | colourfully bold
top | banana republic [similar]
necklace | club monaco [similar
bracelets | stella & dot 1, 2
clutch | club monaco [similar style here]

outfit 3 | preppy and fun
checkered shirt | gap [similar style here]
sneakers | converse chuck taylors [gifted - thanks fi!]

outfit 4 | black & white sophisticate
top | gap [similar style]
scarf | alexander mcqueen skull scarf [more affordable style here]
bracelets | vintage set
clutch | stella & dot [on major sale!]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

.we need your help: the h&m fashion family contest.

hi friends! today i am excited. very very excited!!

i kinda have some pretty darn awesome news! my little family has been selected as a top 10 finalist in the h&m fashion family contest!

YEP! you are reading that correct! MY LITTLE FAMILY IS A TOP 10 FINALIST!!! whoo hoo! somehow, those kind folks over at h&m canada [yay!] has selected us and now we desperately need your help! in order to win to grand ol' prize [a $5000 spending spree and a feature in the december's edition of today's parent magazine for h&m!!!! no joke and so awesome, right!!] we need your votes.

each day, starting now till sept. 10th, you can vote for my little family [the trebaczkiewicz family!] right here. the more votes we get, the better our chances of winning. and i sure would like to win :).  also! for every vote you put in, you are entered for a chance at 10 x $50 gift certificates!! so a vote could be a win win for both of us!

so please please please with a big ol' fat cherry on top head on over [click here!] and vote for us. a vote each day would be utterly fantastic [pretty please!] and i promise good karma will be coming your way.

thank you all so much in advance. you don't know what this would mean to us.
erinn and the boys.

ps. to vote, just click on the 'vote' button in the top right side of the page [link provided here], fill in your information and click vote, then go to your personal email and click on the link provided in the email from h&m and you're done! it's really not that hard and takes a couple seconds :)
***update! for you all you US friends, you will need to use a canadian zip code to vote, so please use mine if that helps: t5t 1n2

pps. sending all our good karma juice to you!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

.threads: those warm summer days.

can you feel it? the air at night is getting cooler. my light-weight sweaters are slowly finding a way back into my closet rotation and my tall riding boots are being dusted off. fall is just around the corner.

while i can't hide my excitement for my favourite season [at least in the clothes department!], i am determined to enjoy my last few moments amongst the sun. i simply need this last month or two of warm days to clear my head and to prepare for what's next. to prepare for what 'fall' means to me this year.

i should mention that this summer, although slow paced and really uneventful, has been one of my favourite summer's thus far. i'm sure you can guess why - it's simply because of that little darling, our jack bugg. we have spent so many enjoyable days outside doing absolutely nothing other than exploring and getting to know each other just that much better. playing, learning, laughing, a little crying, but just being in the warmth of summer and all the joys the sun can bring to a person's soul. 

so this year i have such bittersweet thoughts on fall. a time when i usually can't wait for cooler nights on the deck wrapped up in a blanket and a cup of tea watching the leaves change. 'fall' this year means so many different's when i have to go back to work. it's when i have to leave my baby with someone else. it's when i have to enter the world of adults again. it's time for juggling my career and my family. it's time for yet another change. 

and while i truly think i'm okay and ready for that change, i also find myself holding onto a little more of those warm summer days. 

ps. and when you have a great dress like the lacy white beauty i'm wearing above, it makes holding onto summer just that much sweeter.
*make up: illuminate your beauty by ally stone
dress, free people || clutch, jcrew [old & gifted] || wedges, nine west || bracelets, stella & dot / club monaco 1, 2 || earrings, melanie auld
shop the look here

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

.jack's threads: the hooded sweatshirt vest.

jack has finally started to fit into his size 1 [as in 1 year old!] clothes and although it is bittersweet for this momma who wants to slow time [it really does go way too fast!], i'm also sort of excited to bust into that pile. see now that jack is on the go [just not quite walking yet!] his clothes are moving from leggings, leggings, leggings to a things with a little more style. i also get to play around with layers and accessories, which in my opinion make an outfit. more skinny jeans, hooded sweatshirts, vests, jackets, sneakers and shoes, hats, bow ties - the list goes on! so while i am nostalgic of time passed, i am also excited to see my little man grow.
and having a great pile of 1-2 year old clothes patiently waiting to be worn sure does help ;)

shop: hooded t-shirt & vest, next $33 || jeans, h&m $18 || socks, h&m $8 || amber teething necklace, princess and the pea [gifted]

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.the cookie party.

so five months ago [gosh, where has the time gone?!] i hosted a cookie taste-off party.
i personally can't take credit for the idea - that baby was sprung from the blog, you are my fav - and i basically edited it a bit and called it my own.
see, i was considering hosting this get together the minute i came across the invitation on pinterest and couldn't stop thinking about how much fun it would be. i mean, friends + cute kiddos + sweet delicious cookies? yes, please!
after what seemed like the most unlucky week to throw it [we had a few kiddos come down with croup, a few failed babysitters, etc, etc.] i gathered a small group to head on over to my place and just throw all caution to the wind by feeding both mama's and their kids as many cookies as we could put into our bellies.
the cookie contest was scored by counting the highest number on this score sheet. each cookie was put onto a plate marked with a # [as anonymous as i could get] and each # was marked and tallied on the score sheet. the winner was the highest score counted. yay!
all in all, i think it turned out pretty darn good.
^^the aftermath^^
each momma took home some extra treats in these adorable 'goodies' bags, as well as a recipe card for each cookie. [i've attached the recipes below for you to print for yourself at home. just click on the cookie for the pdf].

hershey's crinkle cookies | best ever chocolate chip cookie | brown sugar oatmeal coconut chewies | double chocolate chunk cookies | cookie fail 2013 | sweet potato cookies |

the winner was this sucker right here....heather's brown sugar oatmeal coconut chewies. super tasty, super great texture and just all around delicious! heather also went home with our small prize: fred's number cookie cutters + a mixing bowl + sprinkles :)
*i also wanted to take special mention of chelsea's 'cookie fail' recipe that she created herself! she got the directions a little mixed up and thought that you had to create your own cookie recipe from scratch, which wasn't actually part of the rules, but hey! i enjoy the enthusiasm! haha!

in the end, i think everyone had a nice time and i can't wait for the next little get together! thanks again girls!

Monday, August 12, 2013

.feeling folky.

so my birthday was yesterday. 
at this point i'm not sure if i should still be getting as excited as i do when my birthday rolls around, but i mean, what can i say? i quite enjoy the love and attention! ha! it was a busy week filled with dinners, drinks, bonfires, music and lovely conversations. i also got spoiled rotten! geez, i have some really beautiful people in my life who make me feel loved [and not just because they know how to pick a sweet gift out! ha ha! i mean that in attention and thoughtfulness too!].

as for my actual birthday yesterday, it was a gorgeous sunny day and we spent it at the edmonton folk fest with some equally gorgeous and sunny friends. it was also jack's first festival and i was perhaps, even more excited about the thought of that and showing him what a joy music can be.  after chels & her family treated us to some birthday tickets [and cupcakes! thank you! and yum!] we packed our bags and nabbed a spot on the hill to catch a few tunes and soak up some rays. as i said, it was a super sunny and hot day out where a little shade was appreciated. jack was slathered in sunscreen and we lounged around in the open air. it was just awesome. we also ate, drank, and people-watched till our hearts content. we soaked in some live music from the various 7 stages and walked the site numerous times. i seriously think my legs wanted to beat me up after walking up that hill a couple times.

the folk fest is one of my favourite events in the city, located in our gorgeous river valley and i am just so happy to share this day with our son. he loves music and his little bopping body was bouncing away once that beat was heard.

unfortunately, taking a 9 1/2 month old to a full day music festival turned out to be a little too much for the tired little fella, so we packed it in a little early and headed home to rest from the busy weekend. peter may have had a little pout about leaving earlier than when the avett brothers where to take the stage [bummer for us both, actually] but that's what you do when you're a parent. and in the end, we had a little family snuggle, which is actually just what this 31 year old wanted. and frankly, needed.