Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.the cookie party.

so five months ago [gosh, where has the time gone?!] i hosted a cookie taste-off party.
i personally can't take credit for the idea - that baby was sprung from the blog, you are my fav - and i basically edited it a bit and called it my own.
see, i was considering hosting this get together the minute i came across the invitation on pinterest and couldn't stop thinking about how much fun it would be. i mean, friends + cute kiddos + sweet delicious cookies? yes, please!
after what seemed like the most unlucky week to throw it [we had a few kiddos come down with croup, a few failed babysitters, etc, etc.] i gathered a small group to head on over to my place and just throw all caution to the wind by feeding both mama's and their kids as many cookies as we could put into our bellies.
the cookie contest was scored by counting the highest number on this score sheet. each cookie was put onto a plate marked with a # [as anonymous as i could get] and each # was marked and tallied on the score sheet. the winner was the highest score counted. yay!
all in all, i think it turned out pretty darn good.
^^the aftermath^^
each momma took home some extra treats in these adorable 'goodies' bags, as well as a recipe card for each cookie. [i've attached the recipes below for you to print for yourself at home. just click on the cookie for the pdf].

hershey's crinkle cookies | best ever chocolate chip cookie | brown sugar oatmeal coconut chewies | double chocolate chunk cookies | cookie fail 2013 | sweet potato cookies |

the winner was this sucker right here....heather's brown sugar oatmeal coconut chewies. super tasty, super great texture and just all around delicious! heather also went home with our small prize: fred's number cookie cutters + a mixing bowl + sprinkles :)
*i also wanted to take special mention of chelsea's 'cookie fail' recipe that she created herself! she got the directions a little mixed up and thought that you had to create your own cookie recipe from scratch, which wasn't actually part of the rules, but hey! i enjoy the enthusiasm! haha!

in the end, i think everyone had a nice time and i can't wait for the next little get together! thanks again girls!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I lived closer :)

  2. oh man this looks so fun and SO yummy!! Such a great idea for a party, Erinn, sad I couldn't make it!

    1. We were sad you couldn't make it too Christine :). You and Alice were missed....next time!

  3. Aww, how cute is this?!?! Wish I too lived closer! Great idea.


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